Review: KBS C-Taper Iron Shafts

“C”ing more greens
I’ve been analyzing my game more closely as of late as I continue to test clubs along with trying to get better.  Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a disappointing trend.   While I’ve been scoring well, my par 3s have been troublesome.  I had a round recently that I pared or birdied every par 4 and par 5 and I bogied 2 par 3s a double bogied another.  1 of 4 par 3’s hit in regulation is no good.  I just wasn’t hitting the greens, or hitting them where I should be.

I’ve been playing all different irons shafts this year while reviewing various clubs.  So when I got the chance to try the KBS c-tapers I was pretty excited to see if they could help me hit more greens.  I’ve been a fan of KBS tour shafts for 2 years now.  I love the feel and the high consistent shots that seemed to stick where they landed.  But on those windy days, sometimes they just hit too high.  I found the KBS tours to be fairly accurate.   The KBS C-tapers are said to be lower launching and more accurate, yet just as good feeling.

I installed my C-Taper shafts in my Nike Pro Combo iron set.  (You can see what shafts they replaced here.)  The very first thing I noticed was the stunning looks of this combination of chrome and satin.  The iron heads are mostly chrome with some satin details in the cavity backs, while the satin C-tapers looked great next to that combo.   So just from an aesthetic aspect these were awesome.

On the course though is what is most important.  On my first round, I went 3 for 4 on hitting the par 3s in regulation.  I was pretty excited.  I also hit more greens on par 4s and 5s in regulation too.   While my short game has been good (because of all the practice) I only scored 2 strokes better than my average.  Over the last 5 rounds I’ve seen this trend continue.  I am consistently hitting more greens in regulation.  My scoring average has gone down 2 strokes.

I find that the low ball flight helps with control and fights against the effects of wind on my ball.  I am to hold the line better, thus hitting closer to my intended target.  Into the wind I don’t get the ballooning or floaters I might have had before, now they just power through the breeze.  Cross winds also have less of an impact on shots with when using the C-taper shafts.

I have read about people picking up a whole club of extra distance.  Unfortunately for me I only saw about a 1/3 of a club gain.  So you might not gain much in terms of yardage, but the lower flight, control and accuracy is what makes these great iron shafts.

The one thing that I noticed is that if you are going to get C-tapers installed in your clubs, make sure that you have the club builder get the swingweights you want.  Because the C-Taper is backweighted, they tend to come in about 2 club weights lighter.  My Pro Combos were originally D3 and just slapping them in, they came out to D1.  I just added a little tip weight and back up to the D3.  So just be sure that you request the swingweight you want.

Most OEMs are starting to offer KBS C-taper shafts.  I think they might still be a little bit of an upcharge, but I think they are well worth it.  I will be requesting C-Tapers in all my future iron reviews.  They are just that good.  I am happy that I am “C”ing more greens with my C-Taper shafts.

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For more information:

Quick hits
+Lower launch
+Excellent Feel

–Not available everywhere yet
–Slight upcharge

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