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Unique Style With A Perfect Fit


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You can either blend-in or stand-out.  Which one is for you, depends on your personality.  You know that Spyzinger stands out in a crowd no matter what he is wearing, but especially in KEA Golf Apparel.  He took confidence and swagger to the course while sporting these uniquely styled and perfectly fit golf shirts.

This is Spyzinger’s definitive look at KEA Golf Apparel for 2023.


Who is KEA?

Understanding the name of a brand offers a fair amount of insight into the company itself.  KEA is an acronym for Kenny, Erich and Armen.  These three Navy veterans formed a company to make a difference in the golf apparel industry.  Their commitment to a fair price and giving back are two of the keys to their brand.  In addition to that, they wanted to create something unique for golfers to wear which was the third driving force to create KEA Golf Apparel.   I love supporting veteran owned companies while outfitting my wardrobe.

The Perfect Fit

Not all golf polos are created equal.  I think by now you have learned from my numerous apparel reviews that there is a wide variety of fit, form and fashion when it comes to golf apparel.  I don’t know if KEA Golf Apparel had me in mind as there were shaping their design, but it seems that KEA designed their shirts just for me (and other guys shaped like me).  The L has the absolute best cut of any golf shirt I’ve ever worn.  There is just a little extra room in the belly and tailored perfectly around the chest.  It was made for me.  That means that I can swing freely and confidently while wearing my KEA golf shirt.  It looks good tucked in or untucked.  When something fits perfectly it changes your posture even to stand tall and proud.  The sizing is spot on for your normal size which is refreshing in a day an age where sizing is all over the place; get what you would normally think is your size and it will fit perfectly. 

Unique Patterns

KEA Golf Apparel stands out in a crowd.  They offer numerous fun colors and unique patterns.  While there are numerous brands doing “loud” patterns, KEA did it creatively well.  It can be hard to create something unique with so many brands boldly printing patterns on their golf polos, but KEA found a way to offer something not seen in other brands.  They are bright, they are bold, they are even pretty.  I was happy and comfortable wearing these patterns on the course.  The Course Craze and Dandelion Drive were two of my favorites in their collection.  They did a great job of using fun names for each shirt too.  The materials are an 80/20 polyester/spandex blend which are are pretty standard “dry fit” material.  The collor is well done with “stays” and it offers 50 UPF protection.


Honestly what is not to like about KEA Golf Apparel: Perfect Fit, Unique Style, Veteran Owned and Great Prices.  I suppose the loud and bright patterns aren’t for everyone, but for me, these fit my golf needs, my body and my personality. If you are looking to add something new and different to your golf wardrobe, check out KEA Golf Apparel for unique style and a perfect fit. This is #BestLookingManInGolf Approved!!

For More information: KEA Golf Apparel Website

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