Review: Kentwool 19th Hole Socks

Comfort and Style
Kentwool socks have been my favorite socks for the last 2 years.  I wear them whenever I can.  Basically if they are clean I wear them.  While I have black ones, white ones, even some different colored ones, they don’t always look best under dress pants.  Either they are too short, or just plain black.   The 19th hole collection changes all of that by offering, stripes, argyles and plain styled dress socks.
But don’t be fooled while this may just look like your normal run of the mill dress sock, they are certainly not.  They are dress socks done Kentwool style.  What that means is you still get the wool blend for excellent comfort in both hot and cold conditions.

The biggest difference between the 19th hole and other dress socks is the extra cushion under your feet, yet thinner material by the ankles and calf muscle.  It seems like the dress socks I have are either all thin or all thick, but these offer the perfect blend of thick on the bottom and thin near the top.

While the cost of these socks as well as the whole Kentwool line is going to be the only things standing in your way of having a whole drawer full of them, they really are worth the investment.  I’ve found their durabilty to be far superior to most other socks I have worn.  Their comfort is unmatched and how they reduce foot odor is worth every cent.  I keep buying more to add to my collection. 

If you love your Kentwools and just want a little more style, check out the 19th hole collection.  If you haven’t tried a pair of Kentwools yet, what are you waiting for, your feet will thank you.  Now you can get whatever color or style you need with the addition of the 19th hole collection.

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Quick Hits
+Stylish colors and patterns
+Superior comfort
+Blister free
+Controls foot temperature
+Reduces foot odor
+Made in the USA

–Costs a little bit more