REVIEW: Kentwool Golf Socks

Golf Product of the Decade
iGolfReviews was 10 years old in 2020.  A lot of things have changed in golf since then.  My WITB is certainly very different from when I started reviewing products.  My handicap has dropped significantly over the years and even the iGolfReviews offices are in a different state.  Yet in those 10 years one things hasn’t changed, I wear Kentwool socks when I play golf.  (Actually they are the only socks I wear).  They might be the only product I’ve sworn by for all 10 years of writing iGolfReviews.  No matter how you look at it, that is impressive.  Other socks have attempted to dethrone Kentwool, but none have in 10 years making Kentwool my golf product of the decade.
So what makes Kentwool socks so great?  They are so amazingly comfortable with their fairly thick profile.  You wrap your foot in a Kentwool sock and you immediately feel the padding surrounding your foot.  They have just the right amount of stretch to feel comfortable without cutting off circulation.  The ankle version is the best by far too.  I’ve tried the lower cut and the higher cut socks which are OK, but either end up sliding off my heel or feel too tight around my calf muscles.  The ankles are perfect in every way.

If you happen to browse many of my shoe reviews you will see Kentwool socks peeking out of the top of shoe.  They come in a rainbow of colors which are every changing in combinations and tones, but they are is almost always a combination that will match your apparel choices.  I like having a variety of colors since I wear them everyday, some bright ones even to add a little flash just above my shoe.  You can always fill your drawer with black and natural/white ones if you don’t want to figure out which color to wear.

The Kentwool golf sock is really about the performance.  They are thick and wool which make for a perfect combination for cushion while walking, blister protection on the heel and odor reduction after wearing them all day.  While some might think they are a sock you’d only wear in the cold weather, but they would be missing out on their moisture wicking ability which makes them my favorite hot weather sock too.  I wear them when it is 120 or -20.  They help regulate your foot temperature while cushioning each step and offering odor protection.

Kentwool golf socks are an investment.  They run approximately $20 a pair which is like 8x higher than basic socks you get at the Walmarts, but they are worth every penny.  While I’ve received a few pair of socks for review, I’ve purchased probably 50 pairs over the last 10 years.  They do last pretty long, but obviously over time they do wear out and get holes like sock do.

Kentwool golf socks have stood the test of time; 10 years and counting as my favorite golf product.  I recommend them for golf trips, regular rounds of golf, and everyday socks.  They have made every gift list I’ve ever created as well.  If you don’t owe a pair of Kentwool golf socks you are missing out.  Kentwool socks are my golf product of the decade because of their comfort, durability, performance and odor protection.

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