Review: Kentwool Graduate Compression Socks

The Best of Both Sock Worlds
My two favorite socks have been Kentwool socks for their softness and comfort and compression socks for their walking and recovery benefits.  If  you put those two together, you get Kentwool Graduate Socks.  Basically take a regular Kentwool lower sock and add a compression upper.
If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would become a sock snob I would have said you were crazy.  I thought that socks basically came in 2 styles, athletic socks and dress socks.  It was a very black and white sort of mindset.  Today I realize there are many difference in socks other than color.  Not only the difference in comfort, but performance while playing and recovering after a round are all features I look for in a sock.  I would have never thought of buying expensive socks, nor thinking about what socks I was going to wear each day and why.

The Kentwool Graduate sock is just like their other socks.  The footbed is thick and soft.  The wool is a great moisture wicking product that keeps your feet temperature regulated.  If it is hot, they are great at keeping it cooler and if it  is cold they offer excellent insulation.  They reduce odor and eliminate blisters.  You will not be able to tell the lower part of this sock apart from Kentwools other socks.

The real change is the long compression upper.  It still has some wool in it, but there is a great percentage of nylon, polyester and spandex in the upper section.  One difference from the lower part of the sock is that the upper is much thinner and tighter to increase circulation.  I’ve found that compression really does work.  I’ve been wearing compression socks off and on now for about 6 months and there is a difference when it comes to recovery.  My feet just feel better after wearing compression socks.  The Kentwool graduate is even better because of the additional padding in the foot compared to other compression socks.  They are tall compression socks.  On my legs they go up to my knew and if I really stretch them, I can wear them over my knee.  I just fold over the top and inch or so and it is perfect.   The compression of these socks is really good.  I have large calves and some socks get too tight, but these are just the right amount as you can tell the graduated differences in certain areas of the socks for the ideal squeeze.

Socks are much more important for comfort than more golfers realize.  I’ve found my new favorite sock.    While these aren’t for wearing with shorts when wearing pants these are the best socks.  They are expensive, but they do fall right in line with what other quality compression socks cost.  I think every golfer should have a pair of these to wear; The Kentwool Graduate combines the best of both worlds, compression and Kentwool.

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Quick Hits
+Kentwool comfort
+Thick, soft footbed
+Odor reducing wool
+Compression uppers

–Expensive for a pair of socks