Review Update: Kentwool Golf Socks in Colors

There is no reason to wear anything else.

I’ve been wearing Kentwool Sock almost exclusively since the last review in 2011.  I’ve bought numerous pairs of my own to add to the collection.  At the PGA show 2012 I saw some new colored socks would be available.  My order arrived with a bright green and purple pair of socks.  They also have pink, blue and a LE Masters green socks.  The colored socks add some style that is much appreciated.   I am also happy that the sock colors stayed on the socks and didn’t bleed onto my feet or shoes.  After multiple washes they still look like new, they didn’t shrink and haven’t lost hardly any color.  I would imagine I will be buying a few more pair of these in 2012.  I know some you haven’t thought about socks for golfing and maybe don’t care, but once you wear Kentwools, you might not want to wear any other socks, ever.

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Review: Kentwool Golf Socks

Why would you want to wear anything else?

Golf Socks?  Really?  Do you even think about the socks that you wear?  I would imagine that you may be like me and never think about what socks you are wearing other than two factors, clean and color.  I pretty much have my sock drawer organized with dress socks and athletic socks.  That pretty much has them color coordinated too.

While I don’t think about socks, my wife just goes on and on about how much she loves her wool socks.  But I couldn’t see it, probably because I don’t like wool.  I’ve had wool coats, wool gloves, wool sweaters, and other wools socks.  They all drove me crazy.  My skin couldn’t handle wool anywhere near it.  I would itch like crazy and even had a rash sometimes from wearing wool.  Wool was banned from my dresser.

But I kept hearing about how awesome Kentwool socks were from other golfers.  But I never bought any because wool and I don’t get along.  So when I was approached by Kentwool to give them a try, I had nothing to lose, so I agreed and I am glad I did.

The Merino wool in these is not the same wool that was in other wool products I have tried before.  This is a windspun wool that when blended with the other material which make up Kentwool socks became my new favorite pairs of socks.  Here are the exact percentages: 61% Wool, 27% Polyester, 10% Nylon, 2% Spandex

I had 3 different pairs arrive, low/no show, tour low and tall.  They come in few different colors, natural, charcoal, and black.  There are also some pink ones which support Breast Cancer research and they do offer a couple more colors for the ladies.

Seriously these are awesome.  They are soft, comfortable, let your feet breath and truly are blister free.  I happened to be breaking in some new shoes and not even one rub spot.  I also was fortunate to try these in both extremes of fall golf.  A damp 40* day and an arid 90* day.  They were great both times and all the times in between.  They are both warm in the cold, but breath in the heat.  I’m also impressed that they cut down on foot odor.  Not that I had smelly feet, but after walking 5+ miles golfing, they don’t typically smell good either.  These socks reduce odor, they don’t eliminate it.

I could only see one minor complaint that someone might have is that they are just a few dollars more than regular sock, but once you get a pair you will just want more, they are that comfortable.

 They do come in sizes and so check to make sure you buy the size that matches your foot, they won’t stretch maybe as far as some other socks.  Also remember that these wool socks have some thickness to them.  If you have shoes that fit like a glove without socks or with the really thin ones, these might make those shoes a bit snug.

Sometimes there are just things that are a surprise, like Kentwool socks.  Sure other socks are fine, but why would you want to wear anything else.  I already have more Kentwool socks on my Christmas list.

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Quick Hits
+Comfortable non-irratating wool
+Blister Free
+ Great for all weather conditions

–A little pricey