Review: Kentwool Underwear & Tees

Kentwool for the rest of your body?
Kentwool is the maker of the greatest socks EVER!!  That is no joke, I wear Kentwool socks every day golfing or not golfing and have purchased many pairs since my first review socks arrived.  Their warmth, durability, cushion, odor-resistance and overall comfort makes them the best thing to wear on your feet.  So when Kentwool introduced Underwear and Tees I just had to know if Kentwool would be covering the rest of my body 24/7?

Obviously there is a difference between socks and a Tee.  I want them to certainly look different, but much of the performances qualities I want to be the same.  Warm, durable, soft, odor-resistant and comfortable.  The new Kentwool Tee nailed almost all of those qualities.  The very lightweight Merino spun wool is made into a soft and warm thin Tee perfect for under any garment, golf shirt, dress shirt or sweater.  Wool offers sweat wicking properties cotton shirts can’t.  The good fitting shirt was nice on winter days in MN for a warm under-layer that wasn’t tight or too hot like an “Under Armor” shirt.  Unfortunately for me, wool and my skin do not get along.  While I can wear the socks 24/7, the Tee and my sensitive skin didn’t get along real well.  I wore it all day a few times, but the reality is, my skin was irritated when I did.

After reading about the Tee, you might be able to guess where my thoughts about the underwear will be.  The product itself is good.  Comfortable, stretchy, warm, and odor resistant, which if you ask me a really great performance features of underwear.  The horizontal flap was a nice addition when needing to use a restroom.  But it’s not just my upper-body that has sensitive skin, but my legs do too.  Again I survived a few days wearing it, giving it a fair try.  I washed it a couple times too, just to be certain, but wool and my skin don’t work.

The issue, I can’t wear wool except for socks.  I have sensitive skin, but since I wear Kentwool socks I thought maybe I’d be able to wear their Underwear and Tee.  The product itself is really good and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more if my skin allowed me too.  The great thing about Kentwool is that they guarantee them to be itch-free so even if you are like me and sensitive to wool, they will refund your purchase. I’ll honest, I could wear them they are nice; warm, comfortable, good fitting, durable and odor-resistant. You can get Kentwool for the rest of your body.

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Quick Hits
+Comfortable fit
+Odor resistant
+Excellent quality
+Itch-free guarantee

–Not for sensitive skin