Review: Kikkor New Heights Shoes

Bringing Fun and Style to “New Heights”
I’m not sure if there is another company that promotes fun, style and golf like Kikkor.  From the beginning they have been about bringing great style and function to the golf course.  The “New Heights” shoes are just that and more.  They come in either “Whiteout” (all white) or “Crowd Pleaser” (grey, black, white and lime green) colors.
I really liked the looks of the New Heights “Crowd Pleaser” shoe, but was uncertain how comfortable the high-top would be for golf.  Kikkor impressed me with how they used just enough foam in the uppers to keep them comfortable, but not too much to make them bulky.  I found that these high-top golf shoes have a little extra ankle support compared to most golf shoes.  I really liked having it on some the rugged terrain I played.  Their use of lightweight materials also makes these comfortable and functional shoes.  If the “New Heights” would have been built on the “Tenny” platform they might have been too heavy, but with the new outsole and lightweight materials, they are very easy to walk in all day long, golfing or not.  Another little feature that might go unnoticed is the multiple eyelets for putting the shoe laces through, especially around the ankle, you can snug them up or leave them a little looser.

All new for 2012 is the VEKTRboard outsole.  It is an asymmetrical spikeless sole.  I found it to be very comfortable to walk in these shoes while not golfing.  On the course, their traction is phenomenal.  Another big plus is that this traction system avoids getting clogged up with dirt and grass.  The wedge like numbs on the bottom of the shoe are designed in a curved pattern for maximum grip during the entire swing and work equally well for right or left handed golfers.  They keep your foot from sliding out as good as any cleat I have ever used.

While they are not waterproof, they do resist water well.  I’ve played on some pretty damp/wet days this spring and the water beaded up nicely and slid right off the shoes, I didn’t have wet feet ever when wearing these shoes.  I’m not saying they are ready to go mud’n, but they’ll be OK if there is still dew on the ground or a light rain; besides the two color options aren’t really going to be best for dirty conditions. 

I also appreciate that Kikkor adds a second insole in case you want a little wider fit.  By using one insole or the other, you can get just the right fit.  This feature can really come in handy if your feet aren’t exactly the same, you could use one insole size in one shoe and the other insole size for the other shoe.

The actually sizing itself is a little smaller compared to some other brands.  For example in other shoe brands I often wear a 9.5, but in the Kikkors I wear a 10, so about a ½ size more than my normal shoes.  Since they are still working their way into golf stores, (not available yet in MN stores) they will help you out with the fit so you can get the size you need.  They also offer free shipping both ways just in case the fit isn’t right.

These are clearly aimed at the younger crowd.  I found the younger the player I golfed with, the more they liked the shoes.  My sons said these were their favorite golf shoes that I own.  (I have 14 pairs of golf shoes)   While I might not get as much use of these shoes wearing them to the office, they are so comfortable and stylish I can’t wait to take my dress shoes off and put these on.  If you want a fun, comfortable, and functional spikeless golf shoe, check out Kikkors, they are taking golf shoes to “New Heights”.

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Quick Hits
+Cool High-top style
+VEKTRboard spikeless is excellent
+Lightweight, comfortable and ankle support

–Not waterproof