Review: Kikkor Selects Golf Shoes

Totally New - Totally Awesome
Kikkor has been making cool golf shoes for that last 4 years. James Lepp brought to the market spikeless shoes that incorporated more of a street style.  They haven’t changed their philosophy, only improved their product.  The early models were on the heavy side and some might even call them clunky.  After a revision of the sole with the VEKTRboard™ they got better and lighter.  But the 2014 Selects are a totally new shoe top to bottom.  About the only thing they maintain from previous Kikkor shoes is the street style, but other than that, these are totally new and totally awesome.
Before I even opened the box to look at the shoes I knew they were different.  The box with the shoes in them was significantly lighter.  It was obvious that these shoes were going to be much lighter.   As a walking golfer, lightweight shoes are always a benefit as long as they offer some support.  Less weight means less fatigue on my feet.  These are one of the lightest pairs of shoes I have and I noticed it right away when I put them on, yet they still offer great support.

It seems that every aspect of the shoe is designed with lighter weight materials; the outsole and midsole really seem to be the biggest factors.  The outsole is not as rubbery as previous shoes, but more of a blue plastic material they call it “EVA injected.”  While still VEKTRboard design it is now 2.0.  The treads have less spikes and are more individual nubs or lugs.  There is a flex line in the sole right across the forefoot so that that walking in them is very comfortable.  The spikeless sole really grips exceptionally well on the course.  They are separated a little more and are deeper to really grip in, but not too tall to tear anything up.  Probably their best outsole yet in terms of traction.  They do however pick up some leaves that were left over from the fall, but even with a few leaves stuck to the bottom there was no slippage.  The only issues with the more plastic like outsole is walking on hard surfaces off the course.  They sound a little louder than normal.  They don’t have that soft rubber feel.

The midsole uses another weight saving material.  It is an airy foam instead of a rubber foam.  This creates a very soft feel on each step under your feet without being heavy.  On my shoes it is the white section at the bottom of the shoe.  It serves as a nice street style contrast to the black uppers and blue outsole.

The leather uppers are really great on these shoes too.  They are a very light sueded leather that is soft, supple and comfortable right out of the box.  They are Kikkor’s most comfortable shoe I’ve tried.  Their previous models were very nice, but these are awesome.  They are still fully waterproof, but certainly more supple and more comfortable.  The foam around the ankle is much thicker too, making them exceptionally comfortable from the 1st hole to the 18th hole.  Another comfort feature is the softer structure around the heel.  So many shoes get stiff around the back of the foot, but these really flex adding to the comfort.

The sizing is still about the same, I wear a 10 in Kikkor shoes; these are now called 10/9.5  which works out well since in most other brands I wear a 9.5.  I also like the wider forefoot with the optional inserts to make it fit wider or narrower depending on your feet.  There is plenty of space to let your toes wiggle in these so they are very comfortable and stable for golfing.

The Selects are an excellent golf shoe.  They are hard to beat on the course in terms of performance, comfort and style.  If you are getting them for off the course too, the slightly plasticy outsole is kind of noisy and even a touch slippery on hard surfaces, especially when it is cold.  That hasn’t stopped my from wearing them out and about, to and from the course, but it is noticeable.

Check out the Kikkor Selects for your style.  I went with the more conservative black shoes, but they have some cool colors or even the Geo patterns for the bold golfer.  Kikkor made a totally new shoe and it is totally awesome.

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Quick Hits
+Super lightweight
+Incredibly comfortable
+Amazing traction
+Cool style
+Bold to tame options

–Slightly plasticy outsole