Review: Kikkor Tenny Golf Shoes

Unique street style combined with comfort.
The popularity of the street style shoe has exploded over the past year or two.  Many golfers are finding great benefits from comfortable shoes that can worn on and off the course.  While many of those shoes seem to be kind of cookie cutter copies of each other, Kikkor designed street style shoes that have great unique looks.

So the first aspect of the Kikkor Tenny Golf shoes that is obvious to all was the unique style of these shoes.  I found many people on and off the course curious about these shoes.  They all commented on how they really like the style and were surprised that they were golf shoes, since they didn’t look like the traditional golf shoes they were used to seeing.  The white and black combo is really nice looking.  The combination of pebble grain leather with some smooth leather makes for a really sharp combo.
 One of the main reasons to move to a spikeless shoe is comfort.   They tend to have more flex in the sole and less bulk.   While Kikkor shoes are not the lightest of golf shoes, they don’t feel too heavy either.  What I liked most about these compared to some of the other “street” shoes out there right now is how stable these felt.  The have a bigger, thicker sole that really feels stable during the swing and while walking, basically no foot/ankle roll tendencies.

The leather itself is waterproof and comfortable.  Right out of the box I was able to walk 18 with them which is a great feature.  They maybe aren’t as soft as some others, but after 7 rounds, they do seem more durable, so that is a nice trade off.

The sizing is a little bit small compared to some other brands.  For example in the major shoe brands I wear a 9.5, in a number of the street shoes I’ve even been wearing a 9, but in the Kikkors I wear a 10, so about a ½ size more than my normal shoes.  Since they are still working their way into golf stores, (not available yet in MN stores) they will help you out with the fit so you can get the size you need.  They also offer free shipping both ways just in case the fit isn’t right.

The spikeless bottom is a little different too.  Rather than just filling the sole with lugs, they went with a more traditional looking rubber molded spike arrangement.  The traction is outstanding, probably the best spikeless shoe I have, which isn’t a big surprise since they are more spike-like in design.

If you want to wear shoes with a trendy street style or are looking for some cool color combos look at the Kikkor line.  They offer a wide variety of unique shoes that are very comfortable and functional.

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  Quick Hits
+Unique “street” look
+Spikeless comfort

–Limited store presence