Lag Shot Golf Triple Threat Swing Trainer Review

The BEST Swing Training Aid.


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I worked with the Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainers for 2 months.  It is now a staple of the iGolfReviews bag.  I was able to practice indoors and outdoors, before rounds and at range sessions to improve my swing mechanics.  The heavy and very whippy clubs help teach what proper lag should feel like.  As someone who doesn’t like training aids, these are the best are will continue to be used long after this review.  

This is the definitive Lag Shot Golf Triple Threat Swing Trainers Review for 2023.


I’ll admit it; “I hate training aids.”  It isn’t because I’ve got a perfect swing or shoot 59 every round of golf I play; I simply don’t have much spare time to practice, nor have I found most training aids to actually help my game.  All the weird contraptions out there rarely have any “staying power”.  I try them for a while, but lose interest and/or don’t see the benefits  in my scores. Lag Shot Golf however has changed my mind about their training aid/swing trainer.  I plan to keep one or more in my bag for all my rounds of golf because of the benefits it offers to my swing and game.  The Lag Shot Triple Threat Swing Trainers offers benefits for your driver, irons and wedges.

The Lag Shot Driver Swing Trainer

Everyone wants more power off the tee.  There are lots of swing thoughts and physical training you can do to get stronger and more accurate.  But one of the easiest ways to hit the ball further is to create more Lag.  Lag is essentially the coil/tension before the release of power into the ball.  The heavy and super flexible Lag Shot driver is designed to help physically teach you how and what that feels like.  At first glance and swing I thought the Lag Shot Driver was going to be easy to master, but I was wrong; this club can be hard to hit well with poor swing timing.  It requires you to focus on tempo, timing and swing which create proper lag. Figuring out how to use the driver is fairly intuitive; just swing.  To analyze the results, you probably need to watch the free videos via app access.  However,  I wish there was a simple paper instructional book that just gave a few basic pointers like:  if your ball goes straight right it means this or you only hit it 10 yards it means this, but I also understand the complexity that it creates which is why they went videos; but I’d still like something printed as a basic guide.

The Lag Shot 7-iron Swing Trainer

This club was both the most frustrating and rewarding club at the same time.  I was feeling decent about my iron swing, until the Lag Shot Swing Trainer showed my flaws.  I kept hitting week, low and right shots with the Lag Shot 7-iron.  After watching a couple videos and working more focused with this club, I started hitting good, accurate and consistent shots.  It improved my swing mechanics too.  Since the blue shaft flexes so much, if you aren’t squaring the face at impact, it will be even more pronounced with this club.  The heavier weight will also help train for more explosive shots making regular clubs feel light and you might swing even faster.  I think that paired with confidence can easily lead to straighter and longer irons shots.

Lag Shot Wedge Swing Trainer

The Lag Shot Wedge Swing Trainer comes in a 54* wedge and has the same floppy shaft like the other clubs.  While the swing speed is less and the margin of error tends to be less; the need to hit better wedge shots is virtually universal among golfers.  If you can make better and more consistent wedge shots, your scores will be lower.  I learned my miss was the point of contact where I was not getting the leading edge and heel down under the ball.  The Lag Shot Wedge really helped sync up my timing to make crisp and clean contact with wedges.  It wasn’t just full shots, but 1/2 shots were able to improve timing and release.  If you chop, flip, chunk, etc with a wedge; this club will greatly help groove a smooth swing.  I found that warming up with this club had the most successful impact on my round.  When I hit this club as part of my warm up routine, my scores were lower. 


The Lag Shot Golf Triple Threat Swing Trainer combo is the best swing training aid I’ve ever used.  They are great for warming up, practicing, and grooving better swing mechanics.  They have the potential to increase your distances and lower your scores.  They are easy to use and give you real feedback since you can hit real golf balls with them.  They come with access to multiple training videos accessible through an app.  These videos are very well done and helpful.   If you want to get better, I think the Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainers are the easiest, most fun and most beneficial swing training aids you can buy.  You will see them in my bag at the range, in the office and before rounds of golf.   

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