REVIEW: Lamkin 2018 Grips

The Importance of a Good Grip
There are two connections in the game of golf. You are connected to the club with your hands and your feet with the ground. This makes the grip an extremely important aspect in the game of golf. A grip is not just a grip anymore. Each rubber compound has been specifically chosen for what it does and where is it placed on the grip. The texture and feel are carefully considered so the grip is soft, but not too soft, firm, but not too firm. New for 2018 Lamkin has introduced 3 new grips with all weather technology to provide feedback, comfort, durability and traction.

Golf researchers have found great value in new grips.  Golfers don’t have change their grips for every round, but replacing them every year has been recommended for maximum performance.  The traction and shape seem to become altered over the grips lifetime.  The older they are the less of their original properties exist.  Lamkin created 3 new grips for 2018 that you might just want to check out as replacement options for your grips.

Sonar - Comfort Plus - TS1

The TS1 grip has a firm feeling rubber compound with a CONTROL ZONE in the lower hand. It is made with patented hybrid compounds which feel very similar, but the red control zone has a slightly softer texture to it. There was a tacky stick on the grip when I picked up. I liked the tack and will be looking to see how long that tack will last. Lines on the TS1 make hand alignment very easy and grip pressure is eased with a reduced-taper shape. I prefer this reduced-taper shape and it was an added bonus not having to add wraps of tape under the lower hand. A midsize version of the TS1 will be available this spring.

Comfort PLUS

The Lamkin Comfort PLUS grip is made with a proprietary DSX rubber compound that has a very soft feel in your hands. I wouldn’t classify the feel as squishy, but it is not as firm as the other two new grips. The Comfort PLUS grip also employs a reduced-taper design so the lower hand will have nearly the same grip size as the upper hand. The first thing I noticed about this grip was how tacky it was. More so than the other two grips new this year, if you set the grip on the ground you might have to clean off what sticks to the grip before you use it again. The grip can be purchased in 3 sizes including – Undersize Plus – Standard Plus – Midsize Plus.


I found the SONAR grip to be a combination of the TS1 and Comfort PLUS grips in one. The feel is not as soft as the Comfort PLUS and not as firm as the TS1. It has a straighter, reduced-taper shape that promotes hand unity and eliminates excess grip tension. The proprietary compound used by Lamkin gives the SONAR grip a very tacky feel which is important in varying weather conditions. The SONAR is a perfect blend of technology that creates a great feel and will fit a wide range of golfers. Standard and Midsize will be available.

Is 2018 the year that you will finally put new grips on your clubs?  Since they are your only connection point with the club, it is best if you don’t let your grips get old or worn out.   If you want your club performing at their peak, you might just need a grip refresh.  Lamkin offers 3 new models that just might be what your game needs.

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Quick Hits:

                              • Super Tacky Surface
                              • Reduced-taper Design
                              • Micro-Texture Enhanced Control
                              • Choice of Feel (Soft-Medium-Firm)