REVIEW: Lamkin 2019 Grips

You don’t need to buy new clubs to make your game better. Try new grips.
A good grip is a key part to a good golf swing. This goes for the hands on the club as well as the actual grip on the club. A new grip on your clubs can make a world of difference in your game without spending a lot of money. As I’ve pointed out before, I believe technology is about materials and application. In Lamkin’s new Sonar Tour and SINKfit Straight Polyurethane Putter grips, both the material and the application are paramount to making a better grip.
The first part of technology to discuss is material. Lamkin’s new GENESIS material is a patent-pending, hybrid compound that makes the New SONAR TOUR grip a leader in Feel and Performance. The GENESIS material is a perfect blend of soft and firm, while maintaining excellent tack. The grip felt the same in temperatures hot, cold or anywhere in between. The first few rounds of golf with the new SONAR TOUR grips was in cooler weather and I enjoyed that same feel as the days became warmer. The tacky feel also helps in performance. We all want better control of our golf shots and grip pressure is a big part of that control. The tacky feel of the grip made me feel like I had more control of the club without holding on so tight during my swing.

The second part of technology to discuss is the application of materials. Lamkin’s new proprietary FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY is unique and will be something to keep your eye on as new models are presented. Lamkin has distributed intricate and highly detailed micro textures on the grip surface which act as tiny traction points. We see companies trying to do this with grooves inside of grooves with more grooves on our wedges today. The more contact points you can make, the more spin you can get. FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY has patterns that create a high-traction surface between your hands and the grip. This allows you to grip the club with a little less pressure. I did get to play a few rounds with the new SONAR TOUR grips when it was raining. The tacky feeling never left and there didn’t seem to be any slipping as with some other grips with a smooth surface.

I also got a chance to try out the new SINKfit Straight Polyurethane Putter grip. This was a complete game changer for putting. I’ve used a Lamkin Deep-Etched putter grip for many years, but the new SINKfit grip is going to be going on a few more of my putters. Utilizing FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY on putter grips makes sense. The pattern is subtle and has a lot of tack. I found myself holding on lighter than a smaller grip and making more putts.

Ask golfers to use one word to describe putting and most answers will be feel. That was the first word out of my mouth when I putted with this new SINKfit grip – FEEL. I loved the way the grip felt and the way that the putter felt when I made a stroke. The straight (non taper) design was great in keeping my wrists from moving while I made a stroke. This type of grip has been adopted by a lot of companies as the main grip on putters they sell today. I put this grip on an old putter that has been with me thru many rounds and helped me win several tournaments. It has been years since I felt this confident over a putt. Sometimes an old look with a new feel is all you need.

mproperly sized grips, grips that aren’t suited for certain weather conditions, grips that don’t enhance playing ability and grips that are simply worn-out and slick will negatively impact your game and cost you strokes. Comfort, consistency, shot dispersion and shot distance can all be improved with new golf grips. With breakthrough technology and new innovations, Lamkin delivers the most comprehensive grip portfolio in their 94-year history. If you need to sharpen your game, use Lamkin’s Grip Size Selector and get some new grips.

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