REVIEW: Lamkin 2020 Grips

Time To Upgrade Your Grips
Lamkin Grips have continued to push the boundaries on technology, which means choosing a grip is a part of your golf game not to overlook. As we dust off the clubs in 2020 and get out golfing again, it’s time to upgrade your game with Lamkin Grips. Four new models give you several options to fit your comfort and style. 

Lamkin’s GENESIS material is a patent-pending, hybrid compound that makes the New SONAR+ and ST+2 Hybrid grips a leader in Feel and Performance. The Genesis material is a perfect blend of soft and firm, while maintaining excellent tack. The tacky feel also helps in performance. We all want better control of our golf shots and grip pressure is a big part of that control. The tacky feel of the grip made me feel like I had more control of the club without holding on so tight during my swing. 

Lamkin’s proprietary FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY has distributed intricate and highly detailed micro textures on the grip surface which act as tiny traction points. We see companies trying to do this with grooves inside of grooves with more grooves on our wedges today. Fingerprint technology has patterns that create a high-traction surface between your hands and the grip which allows for lighter grip pressure.

CALIBRATE TECHNOLOGY is a method of creating a reminder grip incorporating a material that is embedded inside-out, not just inside or outside like other companies. The subtle reminder that Calibrate creates will help you grip the same way every swing and properly assist you in making sure the face is square. Results… better and more consistent shots.


The Sonar+ Tour Calibrate features the Calibrate, Genesis and Fingerprint Technology all in one. This grip is for the golfer that wants a subtle reminder for hand placement, along with a slightly firmer tacky surface. This grip of the four I tested was my favorite. I would call it the perfect middle of what I prefer.


If you prefer the feel of wrap style grip and are looking for innovative technology the Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate is for you. Also featuring Calibrate, Fingerprint and Genesis Material, the Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate is a solid performer by providing a tacky feel with excellent traction, in all weather conditions.


Are you looking for a mixture of technologies and feels? The ST+2 Hybrid features Lamkin’s newest “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material incorporated into two distinct zones to provide more traction in the upper hand and soft tactile feel in the lower hand. The upper hand portion of the grip also has cord infused into the genesis material to help reduce twisting and slipping in moist conditions. The lower hand portion of the grip incorporates a +2 wrap size that makes it slightly larger for a comfortable feel. The ST+2 Hybrid is also available with Calibrate Technology for the golfer that wants the feel of a slight reminder.

Improperly sized grips, grips that aren’t suited for certain weather conditions, grips that don’t enhance playing ability and grips that are simply worn-out and slick will negatively impact your game and cost you strokes. Comfort, consistency, shot dispersion and shot distance can all be improved with new golf grips. 

It’s time to upgrade your grips. If you need help choosing the right grip visit: Lamkin Grip Guide

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Quick Hits:
+Several Breakthrough Technologies
+Many options to fit your needs
+Fitting guide
+Great feel