Legacy Prestige, Prestige X and Premium Golf Balls Review

Can a DTC Brand Build a Golf Ball Legacy?


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

Legacy provided their 3 tiers of golf balls for my testing.  I was able to play them a couple times outside this spring.  I also tested them on indoor simulators. 

This is a definitive review of the Legacy Prestige, Prestige X and Premium Golf Balls for 2023.

Golf is hard and choosing a golf ball can complicate what is already complicated. The age-old question in golf is “What is the right golf ball for my game?” A new Direct To Consumer golf ball brand is building a “Legacy” to answer that question. I’ve practiced and played with 3 Legacy Golf ball models to see how they stack up.

Legacy Golf was established in 2021 in Houston Texas with three key elements in mind. 

  1. Pro Level Performance – It is really tough competition in the golf ball game, but delivering a high level golf ball at less cost is the goal. Legacy Golf wants to improve the game for all golfers regardless of skill.
  2. Consistency – “Our mission is for all golfers to be able to achieve tour level performance and consistency without breaking the bank.” The one piece of equipment used for every shot in golf is the ball. This is one part of the game that can be consistent without skill.
  3. Sustainability – It’s not just golf. Legacy Golf is trying to make an impact on your game without leaving an impact on the environment. No plastics and biodegradable / recycled materials for packaging is a great start.

When I research and discuss golf balls with customers or golfers in general, I like to describe the 3 P’s: Performance – Pricing – Preferences. There is a golf ball for every golfer that will perform better than others for all parts of your game. The question becomes how much do I have to pay for that performance and what choices / preferences do I have. Legacy Golf has 3 models to choose from for all 3 P’s.

Prestige: Performance similar to the Chrome Soft X – Pro V1X – Bridgestone Tour B RXS

Price Per Dz: $29.99

Durability: Full Round Last – Slight discoloration – Very few cuts or abrasions

Prestige X: Performance similar to the Chrome Soft – Pro V1 – Bridgestone Tour B RX

Price Per Dz: $32.99

Durability: Full Round Last – Slight discoloration – Very few cuts or abrasions

Premier: Performance similar to the Callaway Superfast – Titleist Velocity – Bridgestone e6

Price Per Dz: $27.99

Durability: Full Round Last – No discoloration – No cuts or abrasions 


If you are looking for Pro Level Performance and Consistency from your golf ball without sticker shock from the price, it’s time to try Legacy Golf Balls. Options and pricing to fit nearly every golfer, regardless of skill. Not sure what Golf Ball is best for your game? Try the Variety Pack with a sleeve (3 Balls) of each model or the 1 Dozen of each model to find out.

For More Information: Legacy Golf Website

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