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REVIEW: Live View +Plus Golf Camera

Seeing The Path To Better Golf
You’ve probably seen the meme that has “What I think My Golf Swing Looks Like” with a picture of Tiger Woods and “What My Golf Swing Really Looks Like” with a picture of Charles Barkley.  I know we all wish we had a swing like Adam Scott, but we realize we are more like Jim Furyk.  You can read article after article about what your wrist is supposed to do, where your hands should be, at what degree you spine angle should be and so on, but without actually seeing your swing in action it is hard to fix.  If you want a path to a better swing, you need to work with a camera.  There is the simple option of using your smartphone, which would have value, but it is passive (after the fact you can watch it) or you could use Live View +Plus Golf Camera and get a look in on your swing in real time so that you can correct it in real time.  It allows you to see a path to better golf.
Live View +Plus Golf Camera is a small camera unit that can be attached to an alignment stick or a tri-pod.  I used mine exclusively with alignment sticks because they were easy to stick in the ground and carry in my bag.  Set-up is super easy, just put the stick in the ground either down the line or face on.  You then click the Live View +Plus Golf Camera onto the stick at the height you want.  It is as simple as turning on the camera via the power button and then connecting via the app on your smart phone or tablet.  Both work slick and the smartphone is slightly more convenient, but the tablet really allows you to view your swing better.

Live View +Plus Golf Camera offers 2 main features that make it very useful for working on your golf swing in real time.  The first is the ability to flip the view to however you want.  It is a simple toggle button on the app and you can mirror your view to the other side.  This makes it easy to see and understand your swing in motion.  The second is the line tool that can place a line with the degree angle over your live video, draw a circle around your head to watch for movement or overlay swing templates to see how you are doing.  I found this to be a really great feature too so that I can keep a good spine angle or watch for swaying during the swing.

Live View +Plus Golf Camera is one of those training aids that can serve a golfer well since it is not gimmicky, weird or annoying, but helping in seeing how to improve.  While I still might suggest working with an instructor, this could really help your personal practice time confirm that you are doing what your were told to work on.  You can save your swing files to compare if you are making progress or not over the course of a season.

The Live View +Plus Golf Camera also reminded me that not every swing has to picture perfect to get the job done.  So don’t freak out too much if you don’t like what you see on camera.  I watched my swing live while warming up for a round.  I know I am flat and not picture perfect on the take away and back swing, but I’ve found a way to get back to the ball in a pretty good position.  The Live View Golf Camera confirmed that which helped me play with confidence shooting a 69.  I can see on camera that it isn’t the perfect swing, but it is my swing and certainly gets the job done on the course.  I’ll continue working with the camera to see if I can make my swing a little better while still maintaining a good position at impact.

If you want a simple path to better golf, I think a camera is the key and Live View +Plus Golf Camera helps you see what is going on in real time so that you can work on adjustments as you swing on the range.  It is small enough to easily fit in your bag, and holds a charge for a couple range sessions.  I’m not a big training aid guy, but the Live View +Plus Golf  Camera really did help me see the path to better golf.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to use
+Quick set-up
+Works with phone or tablet
+Live view while swinging
+Regular or mirror view
+Angle lines on app
+Helps improve swing

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