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REVIEW: Live View Pro Golf Camera

An Improved Camera To Improve Your Swing
Video training is one of the best ways to improve your golf swing. It doesn’t matter if you swing like Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Matt Wolf, Bubba Watson or Jim Furyk; it just matters what happens at impact. The truth is, if you get the club in the correct position at impact, you will hit quality golf shots. A camera can help show you that impact position. The Live View Pro is an upgrade from the +Plus model I reviewed earlier this year. They specifically improved the lens for greater clarity and better optics in low light conditions. The ability to connect it to your phone and keep a record of your progress means the ability to track your improvements. The Live View Pro improvements make for a better camera so you can learn to make better swings.
The Live View Pro Golf Camera is almost identical to the Live View +Plus Camera.  The same compact shape, design, function and connectivity are built into this model.  If it didn’t say on the face, you’d have to look closely to tell them apart.  The most obvious change is the camera lens.  It looks like a “pin hole” in the +Plus model, but looks like a large cellphone camera lens now.  It improves outdoor clarity, indoor in low light and has a wider angle.  All of these lens features make it easier and better to use for capturing your swing.
The Live View Pro Golf Camera still is easy to connect to your phone, small, easy to use, and function great on the range. You can draw lines, you can save swings, you can create templates, you can do it all easily from your iPhone or iPad.  I decided that I was going to work on my putting with the Live View Pro in my backyard.  Instead of an alignment stick, I used a mini tripod.  I felt like I could probably learn a lot about my putting stroke by watching it live.  With the better lens I figured it would catch all the little details of my putter stroke.  Sure enough it was quick to point out some inconsistencies in my stroke.  This is the big key to making any quality golf shots, 3-foot putts or 300 yard drives, they all start with consistent, repeatable impact.  The putter is so crucial to scoring, using the Live View Pro was perfect for improving my putting stroke.

At the end of the day, the real question is; How serious are you about getting better?  Range time is great, lessons are helpful, fittings will have the clubs in your hands, but you need to improve your swing by seeing it.  You can’t always work with a coach or instructor, so having live feedback with the Live View Pro Golf Camera will be one of the fastest ways to improve your swing.  They improved their camera so you can improve your swing. 

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