REVIEW: Loop Lyfe Towel and Ball Marker

Accessories Your Game Can't Lyve Without
Every good Looper (caddie) needs 2 things besides a strong back; a good towel and ball markers. I’ve played a lot of golf and for some of my rounds I’ve been privileged to have a caddie. While their skills, ability, personality varied, they all carried a towel and a pocket of ball markers. These seem to be mainstays of every caddie I’ve ever worked with. Besides hoofing your clubs around the course, they need to make sure your clubs are clean and your ball stays free from dirt. I also found they would reach the green quicker than I did and mark the ball for me so it was all clean by the time I was ready to putt. Loop Lyfe are products any caddie or golfer would love; towels and ball markers.
Golf towels are an interesting business.  Almost everyone has access to some sort of bath or hand towel at home, and many course even have loose towel around for golfers to use.  There have been two sided towels, micro-fiber waffle towels, pattern towels, and tri-fold logoed towels.  Loop Lyfe towels are half-plush / half-waffle construction, also known as Hybrid Weave micro-fiber.  They come in 2 sizes, 16 x 24 or 16 x 16.  The larger bag towel comes with a really nice locking carabiner and is really quite large covering almost the whole side of your bag.  Both work great for wiping down clubs with their super soft material.   They are only offered in platinum color and with the Loop Lyfe “infinity” logo.
The Loop Lyfe wooden ball markers are a nice change of pace from the large poker chip or metal ball markers found in many golfers bags.  These have the “infinity” logo on them and come in a variety of woods: cherry, walnut or mahogany.   They are very light, and about the size of a penny.  They aren’t bright and shinny, but they also have enough contrast to the green that you shouldn’t loose them either.  A looper could have a pocketful of these and they won’t clang around or weigh down his pants.

While Loop Lyfe has some limited offerings at this time, they offer some of the most vital golf accessories.  It is best to play with clean clubs and a clean ball.  Your playing partners will appreciate the small and quiet wooden ball markers that you are using too.  If they are important to a caddie, they probably should be important to you.  These accessories are ones that golfers can’t lyve without.

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Quick Hits:
+Great towel material
+Nice sized towels
+Small and light ball markers
+Reasonable prices

–Limited options