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REVIEW: Lynx Black Cat Irons

The Cat Is Back With Distance
Lynx Golf is making its return to the golfing world with the Black Cat line of clubs. They have driver through wedges to fill you bag. I’ve been impressed with the entire line up, they did a really solid job of putting together clubs that look great and perform well. I think the irons are the strongest club in the line-up. The Black Cat irons are similar to what most of the big OEMs are doing right now; forged face, hollow cavity, polymer filled, distance irons. These clubs are LONG. Lynx pulled if off in a nice looking combo too. If you are looking for some added distance, check out the Lynx Black Cat irons.
While the big names still dominate the market share, there is room for some like Lynx golf to make a splash with quality clubs at a lower price point.  But just because you save some cash, you’re not missing out on any performance.  The Lynx Black Cat irons are the new “players” distance model.  They look fairly clean, the cavity isn’t wild and the offset isn’t extreme.  All of these features are hidden under a sleek PVD black finish.  The accent color of choice in the Lynx Black Cat line is green.  It is only minimally used on the heads.  These will go head to head with any brand in a looks contest.
The Lynx Black Cat irons real strength is their distance.  They launch the ball a full club longer on every shot.  While some of that is stronger lofts, those are needed because of how high they hit the ball.   Isn’t this the interesting part.  It is stamp 7 iron, has the loft of a 6 iron, but hits it as high as an 8 iron.  I was a full club long on every shot.  It only took a couple holes to figure this out after hitting the back of the green multiple times.  The extra distance is nice for many people.  I even see fitters pushing distance in iron fittings.  Doesn’t everyone want to be a club longer?  I can deal with it, but I need to reconfigure my bag, when my 4 iron goes as long as my hybrid and my PW opens up a gap at the other end, you need to balance that out.  If however you’ve just lost distance with age and this just helps fill the yardage spacing better, than this is perfect.
The Lynx Black Cat irons are long, but also straight hitting.  These aren’t going to be clubs you “work” the ball left or right.  Sure it can be done if you really try, but why?  Just hit it straight where you’re aiming and 99% of the time you’ll be in good shape.  They do have some offset so that can be a factor squaring them up at impact.  What I liked about these is that the offset wasn’t so extreme that I had to give it extra thought.  These are pretty much a point and shoot distance iron.
The Lynx Black Cat have a forged progressive face, hollow body, and polymer filled cavity.  These aren’t going to trick you into thinking you hit a pure forged blade, but are muted enough to having you enjoying the sensation at impact.  I think they are just a touch more hollow feeling than some of the other filled irons, I think that is the sound sensation you get at impact as slightly higher pitched.  But still the feeling is really good, even miss hits have a nice launch off the face that doesn’t sting the hands.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Lynx Black Cat 7-iron

  • Spin: 6347 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 24.6*
  • Dispersion: 3.6 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 91.8 mph
  • Ball Speed: 120.4 mph
  • Total Distance:  174.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  167.3 yds

The Lynx Black Cat irons comes stock with KBS Tour 90 shafts.  I think these also contribute to distance as a lighter shaft to help generate speed at impact.  While I still prefer a shaft in the 110-120 range, these stiff flex shaft held up nicely to my swing and were balanced well for consistent feel throughout the swing.  The Lamkin grips are a nice simple stock grip.  If these were paired with some black shafts and solid black grips, they would be super stealthy.

If you are looking to pick up some distance with your irons, the Lynx Black Cat irons are going to be a perfect fit at a better price.  You get the same tech, forged progressive face, hollow body with polymer fill for good feel and long hits.  I have the black model, but I see they also have a polished model on their website.  So you can go either way on the color choice.   Hit em straight and long with these irons.  The Cat is Back with some serious distance.

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Quick Hits:
+Good feel
+Nice looks
+Easy to hit
+Plenty forgiving

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