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How "Weed" Can Benefit Your Game

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I applied Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf anti-inflammatory hemp salve on my wrist for 5 rounds of golf.  I’m as skeptical as anyone of all the weed, hemp and CBD products flooding the market right now and the outlandish promises they offer.  However Ma’ Formulas anti-inflammatory salve is designed for golfers aches and pains that hamper their game.  It claims to relieve pain in sore muscles and stiff joints.  Read the full review to see if it works. 

This is the definitive Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf Review for 2022.

This isn’t a review about all the ways to use “weed” for golf.  This isn’t about what happens if you smoke joints before or during your round.  While “weed” is becoming legal across the United States, there still is a stigma about its use and benefits.  Then add to the mix the millions of CBD products and their promises; it is almost impossible to decipher if any of them are worth trying.  Even if you try them, will they benefit your golf game.  Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf is an anti-inflammatory salve that promises reduction of pain in muscles and joints.  I am blessed to say that I don’t live with pain very often, I’ve been fairly injury free and healthy.  However, when I do some DIY construction projects around the house an old football injury flares up in my wrist.  I put Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf to the test with my wrist pain.

Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf is a version of their regular Hemp oil anti-inflammatory salve.  It is a Proprietary Blend of 12 Herbs PLUS Organic, Non GMO, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with 100+ Cannabinoids, for pain and inflammation.  It also has Grapeseed Oil Base for fast absorption, Magnesium Oil for muscle relaxation and Vitamin E (Natural Preservative).  It costs $35 for a 2oz tin of salve. The 12 herbs give it a very vibrant, yet pleasant aroma.  I had notes of citrus, while my wife had notes of cinnamon apple pie.  No matter which smells your nose picks out, it is pleasing.

Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf is easy to apply.  Just a dab on your finger and rub it into the inflammed area.  I used about a nickles worth of salve on my right wrist.  It rubbed it in 360 degrees around my wrist.  There is slight warm sensation when applying 18 for Golf.  It reminds me of “Vicks Vapor Rub”.  It is fairly firm out of the tin, but is absorbed quickly.  It doesn’t get oily or creamy, just absorbed into the skin.  The applying fingers I wipe off with my golf towel so that there is no residue on my hand or in my golf glove.   It smells good and is easy to apply, but does it work?

Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf works amazingly well.  My wrist pain had gotten pretty severe after doing some concrete work.  It was painful even to shake someones hand after the round.  Swings were getting tougher and tougher, especially with irons impacting the ground.  I applied 18 for Golf on the range while warming up.  By the time I got to the first hole, my wrist pain was gone.  I was able to swing smoothly and pain free.  After about 4/5 holes later I noticed a little ache creeping back in.  So I got out the tin and applied some more.  I went another 5/6 holes until the pain returned.  I applied it one more time and was able to finish mostly pain free.  It seemed to last right around an hour.  It seemed like time was the biggest factor not usage.  I’m sure it depends on the usage, maybe if you just have a sore muscle it would work longer, but wrists take a pretty good “beating” during a round of golf.  The reduction of pain meant much better golf swings which translates into better scores. 


I am not a recreational weed user, nor do I think that every CBD product out there will work to cure all your ailments, but Ma Formulas 18 for Golf is a legit anti-inflammatory salve.  I needed to apply it multiple times during a round based on my soreness, but other injuries might take less.  If you are hurting, you can put some Ma’ Formulas 18 for Golf “weed” salve on it and the pain will go away.  It smells nice too so you don’t have to worry about annoying your golf partners.  I was as skeptical as anyone about this hemp based salve.  After trying it for multiple rounds I’m happy to use it to reduce my wrist pain so I can still enjoy golf while getting some DIY projects done around the house. 

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Ma' Formulas 18 for Golf – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Ma' Formulas 18 for Golf is a hemp based CBD anti-inflammatory salve that is ideal for golfers aches and pains which could hamper performance during a round of golf.

  • ✅  Pros: Relieves pain, Smells nice, Improves performance, Easy to apply.

  • ⛔  Cons: Doesn't last an entire round.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Ma' Formulas 18 for Golf is a real pain eliminator for joints and muscles. While it might not last an entire round, apply a little more and the inflammation goes away. If you can reduce pain during your round of golf, you'll probabaly play better too.


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