Macade Golf Apparel Review

The Fabric and Fit Set Macade Golf Apart


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It is almost time for the golf season to start in much of the US.  Getting some new clubs and apparel is the best way to start the season.  Spyzinger and Leah Gruber will show you a new golf apparel brand you  might want to check out for their fabrics and fit.

This is Spyzinger’s and Leah Gruber’s definitive look at the Macade Golf Apparel for 2023.


From time to time, I get the opportunity to bring you a brand or style that is new to iGolfReviews. At the turn of the century, golf migrated from oversized and cotton to technical fabrics designed to wick moisture away from the body and dry. Over the past twenty years or so, fabrics have improved from simple polyester to technical blends that feel more like cotton yet perform well in heat. Although golf apparel has vastly improved in looks as well as fit, it has mostly plateaued over the last ten years. It is a lot of the same in fit and feel. Often, some of the better looks and treads come from across the mighty Atlantic. This couldn’t be more true in Macade Golf.

Founded in 2019 in by a group of sportswear designers and avid golfers out of Stockholm, Sweden. Three words come to mind in describing Macade: Sleek, modern, and precise. In examining pieces from Macade for the first time, our own, Leah Gruber said “The fabric is really nice, it feels like other high end designer brands.” The quality fabric and materials is only the start with Macade. Where I really feel this brand shines is in the fit on the golfer. It is more than tailor fit, it has a way of contouring to the body in a flattering, well fit sort of way. High quality materials combined with a well fit modern design.

Macade just launched their Spring line for 2023 and we had the opportunity to give some of their looks a fit check. We hope you enjoy these selections. When your done, check out for more from this season’s line-up.


  • Taylor Flowery Beige Camp Shirt
  • Khaki 4 Way Stretch Shorts
  • Men’s Elastic Tan Belt


  • Nolan Charcoal Polo Shirt
  • Jade Green 4 Way Stretch Jogger
  • Bowie Black Tour Popover
  • Jade Green Elastic Belt


  • Slate TR Tour Mock Neck
  • Cara off-white Trouser


  • Kayla White Air Sleeveless Top
  • Taupe 4 Way Stretch Jogger
  • Tan Therma Quarter Zip
  • Tan Floral Range Snapback

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