Review: Maide By Bonobos Golf Apparel

Nice Pants!!!!
Maybe you remember a Dockers ad from a while back that was all about the pants.  It was a collection of shots focusing in on their nice pants.  I have to say, that was the only thought that kept running through my head as I’ve worn the Maide by Bonobos golf apparel.  Wow! Nice Pants!  Actually that may be putting it a bit too soft.   Maybe better would be, if I were an apparel company and was going to make a pair of pants, these would be how I would make them.  They are the best pair of pants I have ever owned.  That is a pretty big statement for a pair of green pants, but their design, style, fit and comfort make them king of the mountain.
To be fair, Maide does have other products.  They have a polo shirt that is a pique cotton/polyester blend that has a classic look but is on the plain side. I received a black polo shirt that has just a brown accent stripe around the collar.  The cut is a nice slim athletic cut, but beyond that it is pretty boring, basic and not very impressive considering how awesome their pants are.
They also make shorts which are really just as awesome as the pants, except that they only cover the upper part of your legs.  Which is great because that is all anyone wants their shorts to do.  They are a nice length as they end just above the knee.  While I am a pants guy when it comes to golf, these shorts have been very well used off the golf course because they are so comfortable and look so good.  If you are going to wear shorts, these are about as classy and stylish as you can find.  They include all the great features of the pants, only shorter.  While that might sound like an obvious statement, that isn’t always the case with all companies.  I’ve had a number of companies that I loved their pants but their shorts didn’t fit the same or vice versa. Maide, on the other hand made them exactly the same only shorter which is awesome in my opinion.

The main attraction is the pants.  Like I said above, they are the best pair of pants I own.  While the “Master’s” edition pants might not have been my first color choice, I have really enjoyed the different color.  I already have a closet full of black, grey and brown pants so having something bright, different, yet classy is a nice touch.  The yellow accent and trim adds a real flair to these as well.  It works out nicely since I have some other “Master’s” themed gear which makes for a perfect combo with these pants.  When it is the non-Masters time of year, they become my Packer pants, which works out well too since they are my favorite team.

So what makes them so great?  The fit is the best factor for me.  I have thick legs that sometimes pants either get too tight or look too big.  It is never good to squeeze into a pair of pants, but you don’t want them to look like MC Hammer pants either.  Maide is the perfect combo of fitted, yet comfortable.  They offer them in all the different sizes and lengths so you can get exactly what you need.  It seems many golf pant companies have been cutting out some sizes and only offering 1 length.  That just doesn’t cut it, so Maide offers even some odd number sizes for an even better fit as necessary.

The polyester fabric used on these pants is also a perfect mix of stretch, comfort and just the right weight.  Sometimes pants get too thin, almost see through, and that just isn’t flattering.  Yet if they get too thick they are heavy and hot.  These are just right, along with some stretch so they move comfortably as you walk and play.

The little details are what seal the deal on these pants being the best I own.  They have a unique button slide closure that I’ve never seen before, but is really nice.  It is a cross between all the types of pant closures, a button, a snap and a slider.  The inside grip strip keeps shirts tucked in.  The expandable cuffs make it possible and easier to remove these pants, even with shoes on.  The deep pockets lay flat against the leg so that they aren’t annoying when you first put the pants on.  The tall belt loops accommodate my bigger leather belts.

“Nice Pants” might be an under-statement, because Maide by Bonobos makes the best pair of pants and shorts you can buy.  I can’t say I was impressed by their polo shirt, but these pants are perfect.  I may have to start buying some of their other colors to fill my closet with these “nice pants”.

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Quick Hits
+Awesome Pants
+Excellent Fit
+Quality in the details
+Look great
+Many color and size options

-Boring polo shirt