Review: Mantis "B" Blade Putter

Focus on the Putt, Not the Putter
Putting is all about focus.  There isn’t all that much physical skill needed to putt, but rather it is the mental aspect of the game.  So when you putt, what do you focus on and what is running through your mind as you putt?  Mantis Putters are designed to keep your focus on the putt and not the putter. 

The Mantis “B” Blade putter is a traditional plumbers neck style putter, modeled after the Ping B60 putter.  The compact shape with “B” shape flange gives it a nice blend of blade look, yet a little depth for better alignment.  It has fairly strong toe hang which works well for my arch style putting stroke.
The putter head is matte green which is intended to “camouflage” the putter on the green to keep your focus on the putt.  Since greens/putting surfaces are all a different shade of green grass it works to a point.  It isn’t a perfect match to any grass I putted on, but because it is close, there is an aspect of “camouflage” going on. 

Once I took this putter to the course I really noticed how much the the white “T” alignment aid stuck out on the putting surface.  It didn’t really seem to matter what shade of green the putting surface was, the lines on the putter were my sole focus.  I found I could envision a line from the putter, through the ball and into the cup.  I saw the biggest benefit for long putts.  In one round I made 3 different putts of 50+ feet.  I just saw the line, and hit the “T” alignment through the ball and 3 times were perfect long bombs.  1 for par and 2 for birdies.  On shorter putts the alignment worked similar to other putters I have used.

If you’ve read any of my putter reviews before you know my dislike of inserts.  I’ve tried and tried over the years to like them, only to come to the same conclusion; a soft face insert doesn’t work for me.  I can’t get the right feel.  When I saw that the Mantis “B” Blade putter had an insert I almost wrote it off before giving it a chance.  This might be the first and only insert putter I could continue to play.  It is because it is the hardest insert I’ve used.  While it is a polyurethane face, it is hard.  Think in terms of the difference in feel between a ProV1 and a TopFlight.  While I don’t like a hard golf ball, a hard putter face is great.  I really felt like I had consistent distance putt after putt.

Not only was the face harder for better control, the overall balance and MOI of this putter really seemed to work well when it came to off-center hits. It has a 355 gram head that felt a good heft and balanced. I never seemed to feel much for twisting, nor did the results show that it lost consistency, even if I missed dead center of the face. 

The midsized Winn AVS grip feels very nice in the hands and the velcro sealed headcover protects the head.  I was concerned a little about the durability of the green paint, but after 7 rounds in the bag, there hasn’t been any chipping or signs of wear.  I’m not sure what 50 rounds will do to it, but a month of golf didn’t harm the putter.

The Mantis “B” blade might come off as a “gimmick” putter, but the truth is, even if you painted it a different color, it would still be a solid putter.  The green “camo” does help focus on alignment and putting more than other putters.  There is a reason every company is doing some “radical” design in terms of alignment and paint.  Mantis might just be on to something here with their green putter heads.  It might not be for everyone, but it is a “try it out, it might work really well for you” kind of putter.  With a 100% money back guarantee, what do you have to lose other than a few strokes on the green.  The Mantis “B” Blade will help you focus on the putt, not the putter.

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Quick Hits
+”Camouflage” green helps with focus
+Bright white “T” works for alignment
+Very firm face insert
+Excellent balance and MOI

–Green doesn’t blend into all putting surfaces