Review: Martin Golf Apparel

Bringing Cotton Back (and wool)
In the last 5 years, the popularity of tech fabrics has exploded while the cotton golf shirt has mostly disappeared until now.  Rick Martin the founder of Fairway and Greene and now owner and founder of Rick Martin Golf is banking on the fact that golfers miss and want cotton shirts.  There are a number of reason for that which will be explained in the review. 
The first thing that you will notice about Martin Golf apparel is the rich, classic, traditional styles and colors of the golf shirts.  No wild patterns or neon colors, but a traditional stripe or solid using normal color palettes.  These timeless shirts won’t be found just anywhere, but in the best golf shops in the world, mostly at private clubs.  This allows the members to buy shirts that aren’t available at big box stores or online.  This both encourages sales at the pro shop, but also keeps the line high end.

The interview with Rick Martin is Here!!

I received a nice forest green striped polo with matching charcoal wool vest.  Right out of the packaging the quality was noticeable.  The soft fabrics along with the classic look really sets these apart from your run of the mill golf polo.  I did take the opportunity to wear it on a hot day in FL and there is something to be said about cotton comfort and breathability.  While it might show the sweat initially and absorb some of it, as it dries, it doesn’t have the same stink, nor does it cause sweat to run down your back onto the top of your pants.

The actual comfort during the swing is much like other polo shirts, it stretches nicely and doesn’t impede the swing at all.  The overall fit is slightly fuller than some of the new euro cuts, but still not baggy or bulky in any way.  The cotton is also mid to light weight so I didn’t feel weighed down nor did I feel uncovered, but just a traditional cotton shirt.

Using words like traditional and classic can have a bad connotation, I think they really express the true essence of Martin Golf Apparel.  There is still a market for nice looking, cotton golf shirts.  Rick Martin makes about the best ones you can buy anywhere.

The Wool vest is a real beauty.  Many compliments have been received while wearing this classic vest.  The color is a deep charcoal with plenty of texture.  The fibers are soft and the vest itself is plenty thin to wear under a coat or jacket.  It is made of 70% Alpaca and 30% wool.

The Martin Golf cotton polo and wool vest are two of the nicest pieces of apparel I own.  They are classy and comfortable.  I honestly didn’t think I would go back to cotton or wool after all the bad experiences I’ve had in the past, but Rick Martin convinced me that “cotton is back” with Martin Golf Apparel.

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Quick Hits
+Soft double mercerized cotton
+Cotton wicking properties
+Classic style
+Much improved color fast

–Only sold at pro-shops