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Review: Matrix 7m3 Shaft

Black Tie Event
If you get an invite to a black tie event you know that it is serious business.  The Matrix 7M3 Black Tie shaft is one serious shaft.  If you are serious about your driver shaft, this one should be at the top of your list of shafts to hit.

The first appeal of this shaft is the classic black shaft with a Matrix twist.  This one is matte black so it gives it just a little different look.  It also has just a slight texture to the paint which is awesome to the touch and with the white graphics it looks stunning and classy, just what you would want for a black tie event. 

I installed my Matrix Black Tie 7m3 with a TaylorMade R11 tip.  This combo looks so classy.  I also installed a white grip to really make the matte black shaft pop.  Even before I hit this combo, I just fell in love with the simple yet serious look of this club.  (It would also look cool all stealth in a black head, with a black grip.)

On the course is where the serious action takes place.  This shaft is a serious low launch, low spin shaft.  It ranks about as low in both categories as any I have hit.  I just kept hitting laser shots with this driver.  They rise to a mid/low height very quickly and then just stayed there for almost the whole flight until the ball slowly descended onto the fairway where it bounced nicely for added yardage.  It is not exactly for the easy swinger, this is a hitters shaft.  Swing hard and be rewarded.

The 16-sided inner walls of this shaft do what they are said to do.  This shaft wants to go straight.  It is incredibly stable.  It was one of the most consistent shafts I have ever tested.

I have played Matrix shafts before and they always feel so good.  This one was no exception.  It just feels so smooth as it kicks into the ball.  The Black Tie 7m3 is on the stouter side of smooth, but hitters are going to like this shaft.

The Matrix Black Tie 7m3 is a serious shaft.  Make sure you are dressed and ready to go for this event.  It goes low and long.

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For more information:

Quick Hits
+Low Launch/Low Spin
+Feels Great
+Awesome Looks

–Might be too low for some

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