Review: Matrix Deus Shaft

by T_Fity
When it comes to finding the right shaft for your game, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But finding the needle can be a big game changer. Imagine having a shaft that performs in your entire set just like the needle you find in the haystack for your gamer. Matrix shafts have been a shaft company used in many major OEM clubs for years now. They are premium shafts that one could argue started the upgraded shaft market.
Last fall Matrix introduced “Deus” shafts as a series of shafts that can be used in a fitting profile that will maintain the same “flex profile” from Woods to Irons to Wedges. I was excited to see the box sitting at my doorstep, but was not very happy about the condition of the box as I picked it up. The Deus HD shaft was crushed, but the Deus shaft was just fine. It really bummed me out because the HD would have been very close to my ideal specs. Needless to say, I put the shaft to work and started collecting data.
In testing, I wanted to see how the newest drivers would stack up with the Matrix  Deus in them. All the shafts on the fitting wall have a universal adapter that allows all current models to be used. I choose the two hottest new drivers of 2017 so far, the self proclaimed most forgiving driver on the market and my current gamer. The numbers collected are an average of 50 shots hit over 5 testing days with a 9.5 degree loft and total club build at 45 inches long. I don’t like the idea of taking a few swings on one day and calling the numbers good enough to talk about. At least this way the good swings and bad swings find a more realistic common ground.

The Deus is a super smooth shaft that loads and unloads to produce great feel and increased forgiveness in all the drivers I tested. The launch and spin were supposed to be high for the Deus and it was exactly that for me. If you have hit clubs with Matrix shafts in them, you know the feel and performance that goes along with them. I was not surprised this has been the best feeling shaft I’ve tried all year. I have used this shaft in fittings to help increase launch and spin with great results. What is even harder to describe is the consistency gained in dispersion also. I would recommend you give this shaft a serious look if you want to hit something higher, longer and straighter.  The entire set could be built on this shaft series for whole bag performance.

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Quick Hits:
+Incredibly soft feel
+Extremely consistent shot pattern
+Shafts for the entire bag
–Delivery service needs to read “Fragile” sign next time