Review: Matrix U11-P01 Putter Shaft

Making a Good Putter Better.
Have you ever thought about what shaft is in your putter?  I honestly have never thought about what shaft I have in any of my putters.  I think I just assumed that they are all the same and whatever steel shaft was in the putter would work just fine.  I would guess that this is how most golfers think about putter shaft.  It is just an assumption that there is one steel shaft; it is either straight or a double bend and comes in different lengths.
  But when I saw a spy pic of the Matrix U11-P01 putter shaft I figured that it would look so cool in my putter. Add to that I was curious how a graphite shaft could improve my putter.  It’s not like I swing my putter to be concerned about launch angle, spin or even feel. (or so I thought)

But I am happy to announce, the Matrix U11-P01 putter shaft is a game changer.  It actually makes a good putter even better.  I have a couple of putters I like to rotate in and out of my bag.  A few of them are over the hosel shafts.  The Matrix putter shaft will not work on this kind of hosel, since the shaft walls are really thick in the tip.  The opening is about as big as pencil lead.  It will only work in a regular hosel that you can insert the shaft.  I installed my shaft in a Bettinardi SS5 Putter.  I already liked this putter and thought it was great looking, now it is even better looking.  The white pearl Matrix shaft with red and silver lettering looks incredible.  Everyone I play with comments about how great it looks.

  There is more to this shaft than just looks.  The first thing I noticed was the weight.  Even just raw, it was pretty hefty.   It comes in at 135grams, considerable heavier than a stock steel shaft.  I also noticed how thick the walls are.  It looks like a steel center sleeve (which I understand is Kevlar) wrapped in graphite.  I even noticed when I was cutting it how much the saw had to work to cut it to proper length.  I have used different ways of adding weight in the past to a putter.  Some have a weight kit to add weight to the putter head or I’ve used an insert that adds weight under the grip. This however was different because it was the whole length of the shaft which gives the putter a different feel, a really nice feel with a benefit for my putter stroke.

The added weight helps smooth the putting stroke for me.  Not that I am a bad putter, but I noticed a 2 putting stroke benefit of this shaft.  I didn’t have any herky-jerky strokes during my rounds.  It was just the right amount of weight, if it gets too much you lose feel and it gets silly, but not enough and you don’t notice a difference.  I think Matrix is really on to something here.

  It also is really smooth.  Now I know you don’t swing a putter so you might not think about feel, but the smoothness of this shaft comes in the vibration dampening that you can notice.  There is vibration when you putt the ball and the graphite shaft seems to create a better feel on the putter.

  The only tiny issue I noticed was how big the butt end was, I don’t know if you can get a stitchback grip on.  I tried, but the inside core of the grip I had was not going to stretch that far.  I think I might have been able to if I kept at it, but I was afraid of breaking the grip.  It was stretching pretty far and I still didn’t get it on.  So I ended up with the stock rubber grip on the putter.  (This by the way matches perfectly and looks really good.)  So if you really want a stitchback grip on your Matrix shaft, check the inner core size of the putter grip and make sure you are patient or have a really good club-maker doing the work.  You won’t hurt the shaft, but you could wreck a stitchback grip. If I get another Best Grips stitchback in, I might try again.

I would have never thought about changing my putter shaft, but I am so happy I did.  The Matrix U11-P01 putter shaft makes a good putter even better.  (and it looks super cool too.)

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Quick Hits
+Amazing looks
+Great additional weight
+Awesome feel
+Improves putting

–Large butt end-not all grips will fit