Review: Matrix 7x3 "White Tie" Shaft

A Refined, Sophisticated X-Con
In my mind, one of the shafts that really changed the game when it came to custom shafts was the Matrix X-con line.  It was the first time that launch angle and spin were not synonymous.  You could finally have both high launch and low spin along with great feel.  It served Matrix well for several years, but it was finally time to refine it and dress it up a little.  Thus the new X series or “White Tie” line.

Back in the day when the X-con line first came out; I played the X-con 5 shaft.  It bombed the ball.  High launch and low spin.  The only issue I had from time to time was the lighter shaft and control.  I tried the X-con 6 and x-con 7 and they definitely helped with control, but still from time to time my dispersion was wider than I would have like.
The “White Tie” 7×3 offers much of the same launch and spin parameters as the old X-con line, but with greater control and tighter dispersion. I did get a number of rounds in with this shaft during the fall month here in MN, just before the snow fell, and I really had great driving rounds with the “White Tie” in the bag.  I probably had some of my longest carry distances of the year.  Because the fairways were rather soft I was able to get a good sense of where the ball was landing and it was deep. The roll out was tough to judge because of the conditions.

I installed my 7×3 with a Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme tip at 45.  I started with the neutral setting on the 9.5* head.  I had very high flying drives that were decent in distance.  I changed the setting to slightly open so I could lower the launch jsut a little and this changed the angle to a near perfect high launch trajectory. Yet it still offered low spin, especially lower side spin for me than the previous X-con line.  I felt like I had more control and found the fairway more often with the “White Tie”

Still Matrix is true to form with one of the better feeling shafts you can buy.  It is just so smooth and really kicks through the ball.  That is one thing that really hasn’t changed from the X-con line. If you haven’t hit a Matrix shaft, do yourself a favor and try a “White Tie” you are going to love the smooth kick.

The big question is, “White Tie” or “Black Tie”?  I’m still going back and forth.  I had really great results with both, they got there in a different manner.  Less height and more roll with the “Black Tie” or Higher Launch and more carry with the “White Tie”?  With adjustable tips and drivers I will have both available, it kind of depends on my needs.  I can have spin issues and then the “Black Tie” is the ultimate spin killer, but when I am striking it better, the “White Tie” really bombs it.  (I see there is a “Red Tie” shaft that might just be the best of both worlds?)

So what are you looking for? If you are looking for the coveted high launch with low spin, the Matrix X3 White Tie is the refined and sophisticated new look of the Original x-con line.  The all white new looks and improved performance will make this shaft a hit in 2013.

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Quick Hits
+Sophisticated looks
+Refined dispersion
+Smooth Kick
+High Launch/Low Spin

–Might be too high for some.

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