Me and My Golf Ball Striker Towel and Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

Practice With A Purpose


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

I practiced with both the Me and My Golf Ball Striker Towel and the Breaking Ball Putting Mat for 6 weeks.  Over that time I gain confidence in both my ball striking and my putting.  These simple yet effective training aids can really help visualize better shots.

This is the definitive Me and My Golf Ball Striker Towel and Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review for 2022.


Arnold Palmer once said, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect.” When trying to put together the game of golf puzzle, it may seem daunting at first, but with some basic instruction and practice the picture will take form. Yes, it can be complicated and frustrating at times, but the reward of a well struck ball or sinking that putt on the 18th hole for your best score ever doesn’t happen overnight. As I look back on my beginning in the game of golf, I don’t recall there being an endless number of tools and devices like we see today for help with instruction and practice in golf. Of course there were some tools, but I started golfing before YouTube even existed and bought my clubs in person at a store. I feel we are in a great place now for golfers of any skill level or years of experience to improve all parts of the game. I had a chance to work on my game with two new practice aids from Me and My Golf that may be right for you as well.

Me and My Golf Ball Striker Towel

If you are looking for help improving your stance, ball position, swing path and more, this multi-functional Ball Striker Towel should be on your wish list for XMas or Birthday. This towel is so easy to set up and use instantly. At the Range, on the course or indoors, the Ball Striker Towel can help with so many parts of your game and you can use every club in your bag to gain instant feedback. Practice with a purpose is what we are always hearing, so now you can. 

The towel has two sides and can be folded in half or long ways to help guide your practice. Need help with your swing path – the hole in the towel is not cut in straight lines, rather curved with additional lines on either side to help guide the proper path. There are foot markings that can help with ball position. Fold the towel in the middle and you can use it as a putting guide on the green as well. Like most of us, we like to have some help to unlock all the potential uses and Me and My Golf is prepared for that. When you purchase this towel, you will also receive a Mini-Series of Training Videos which include:

  • VIDEO 1 – Iron Striking
  • VIDEO 2 – Chipping
  • VIDEO 3 – Use The Bounce When Chipping
  • VIDEO 4 – Chipping Arc
  • VIDEO 5 – Vary Your Ball Flight

The Ball Striker Towel is a durable microfiber that is lightweight and easy to carry and will have no problem keeping up with your practice schedule. Two issues I found when using the towel: If using the towel folded in half with a good amount of wind, it blows away. This only happened on a very windy day, but you can still use the full towel pinned down with tee’s in the provided grommets. Also, I tried to use the towel like a conventional towel when golfing and it doesn’t function well that way with the swing path hole cut into the middle of it. Again, not a big deal, just don’t plan on this for your main towel to clean clubs while playing golf. 

Me and My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat

Most putts are not perfectly straight, so why are we practicing like they are? There are lots of practice greens that try to simulate bending or breaking putts, but they adjust the putting surface to make it happen. The Breaking Ball Putting Mat accomplishes this with the ball instead. I’ve used putting platforms and the ball speed fluctuates on its roll like you would see playing mini golf. Putting on a flat surface where the ball curves instead has a smooth roll that simulates a real putt. My first impressions were quickly changed from just another putting mat, to, this looks like a real putt. When there is slope on a green, we have a starting line and the amount of break we think it will have. Personally, I putt to the apex of the break I think the putt will take, so this putting mat fits the way I look at putting on real greens and brings it inside to practice any time. 

Set up is as easy as it gets. Unroll the Breaking Ball Putting Mat and get started. There are three differently weighted golf balls that help achieve the bending/breaking motion we get when putting them. Green has a slight break, red has a medium break and blue has a heavy break. The breaking motion is caused by the weight that is placed into each golf ball. The weight should be pointed in the direction the ball will break. Something to note, there is no center line and that was on purpose. The mat has center dots and each of the three alignment colors on either side at 1 foot increments. Included with the Mat, carrying case and 3 weighted golf balls is a Mini-Series of Training Videos to ensure you can practice with a purpose:

  • VIDEO 1 – Mat Setup Guide
  • VIDEO 2 – Putting Setup
  • VIDEO 3 – Smooth Putting Stroke
  • VIDEO 4 – Allow for the Break
  • VIDEO 5 – Putting Routine
  • VIDEO 6 – Every Putt Challenge

I used the 11 foot mat which allows for putts up to 8 feet. Generally when putting we have a dominant eye which favors either right to left or left to right break. With the Breaking Ball Putting Mat you practice both (as well as straight putts if desired) and see instant results in your routine and putting motion. To be prepared for any putt you need to practice for any putt. The Breaking Ball Putting Mat can help take your putting to the next level.


The Me and My Golf Ball Striker Towel and Breaking Ball Putting Mat are great tools that will help you practice with a purpose. If you are looking to supplement what you are already doing, these are both really good tools for improvement. If you want more, Me and My Golf is not just a training aid company, they are also a center for instruction for every level golfer. There are Coaching Plans, Training Aids and a Blog to keep you up to date and moving towards your goals. They offer a Free 7-Day Trial to start transformation of your game and unlock better shots and more enjoyable golf. 

For more information on Memberships or to purchase Training Aids visit:

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