REVIEW: MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy

Walkers NEED to Consider This Cart

I love to walk while I play golf!  I know that living and playing golf in AZ doesn’t always allow for walking because of the course design or extreme summer heat, but there is nothing better than enjoying the 5 mile stroll on the golf course.  Young golfers might think carrying their bag is the only “cool” way walk, but even college golfers are learning the benefits to using a push cart.  3 and 4 wheel push carts certainly reduce shoulder stress and make walking easier; even better would be walking a course like a PGA pro with a caddie making it even more enjoyable and less stressful on the body.  While the idea of hiring a caddie for every round might be appealing, the cost is prohibitive for most golfers.  The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddie is a product that any walking golfer NEEDS to consider.  It functions like a push cart, but because it is electric powered and remote controlled you get to enjoy your walk like it is your caddie.  The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy is my favorite product I’ve reviewed this past year.

2020 has been the best year for walking golfers (and 2021 looks like it might be the same).  Social distancing has been encouraged on the golf course and the easiest way to do that is by not sitting in a power cart next to someone.  Push cart sales are soaring and walking is more popular than ever.  Whether walking is what you have always done or is new to you, you NEED to consider the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy.  This is the absolute best way to enjoy the walk.  I’ll explain why in the rest of the review.
The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy can replace a personal caddie by carrying your clubs for your 18 holes or more in a day.  You don’t need to hire someone to lug around your sticks, this cart will do it for you.  The remote allows you to navigate it out in front of you or behind you.  I wasn’t able to drive the cart out of the signal even on a par 5.   The remote buttons are easy to figure out, easy to steer and takes maybe 9 holes to get comfortable with it.  Once you get the technique down, you will learn to drive it over just about any terrain and get it to the exact spots you want your clubs located shot after shot and hole after hole.  A personal caddie can do the same, but the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy won’t judge you or your swing nor will it give you bad advice.
The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy is very sturdy and stable on the course.  I was impressed by the low center of gravity which allows it to navigate up and down hills and even across bumpy terrain.  They do include a wheely bar so that going up steep hills the cart doesn’t tip backwards.  The narrower stance than most push carts didn’t seem to cause any side to side tipping issues because the mass of the cart is so low.  The motor and battery sit near to the ground right under the clubs.  The free spinning front wheel makes turning on a dime simple.  The other nice part about that free spinning front wheel is that even when it hits a bump or rock, it doesn’t throw the cart off course.  The back wheels do the steering by powering one wheel or the other more to make it turn in one direction or the either in forward or reverse.  The cart has multiple speed settings.  I found that I can walk about a 4 or 5 pace, but the cart goes all the way up to 9 so it can race ahead or catch up when left behind.  You can easily control the speed with the remote arrows or the dial on the handlebar.
The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy is very manageable for someone who doesn’t have great strength.  It only weighs about 25lbs while folded up in your trunk, which is about the same as most golf bags full of clubs.  It folds up small enough that it will fit in most trunks along with your clubs; I drive a MINI and it works.  So older gentlemen or women will have no problems making use of this cart.  But I don’t think this is just for people who “can’t” carry their bags.  I’m young (ish), healthy and can carry my bag walking for 36 holes, but why would I want to; this is so much easier on my body and really brings enjoyment to my round of golf.
I understand that the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy isn’t as cheap as a simple push cart from Costco, but it is an investment in your health.  Seriously consider the health benefits of this cart.  If you typically take a power cart, the 5 mile walk will be good for you.  If you currently carry your bag, think about how your shoulders and back will thank you the next day.  Unless push carts are forbidden (yes there are a few courses that ban them) or you just can’t reasonably walk the course, this is a product that you need to consider as an investment in your game and your health.  Yes, it can help your game too.  Think about holes 16, 17 and 18 with pushing a cart around or carrying a bag on your back, your body will still be fairly fresh when using the Zip Navigator which means better swings for better scores.   It might even open up some opportunities to play 36 holes in a day since you won’t be as tired.  It also has a pedometer so you can track your yardage walked total or even use it as a shot tracker when you bomb a drive.
The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy is easy to set up, fold down,  strap your bag on it, get itset your comfort and even to charge up the battery.   It comes with a wall charger for the battery which does take a few hours, but basically I charge it up the night before and away I go.  It will last 36 holes on one charge.  The remote will go many more holes on a single charge and uses a USB charging cable.

 Like every review, I can’ tell you how to spend your money, but the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Caddy is worth every penny. You will hear tons of compliments on the course about how cool it is, but you will find personal enjoyment by just walking the course with no pushing or carrying.   If you want to enjoy your walk on the golf course even more, this is the product for you.  You seriously NEED to consider this cart.  Think of the investment in your health and your game.  If you stop paying for a power cart to golf, you will have the Zip Navigator paid for in no time.  It is my favorite product for 2020/2021. 

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to use
+Very stable
+Long battery life
+Remote control works great
+Folds small enough
+More enjoyable walk
+Most anyone can lift it in and out of the car

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