Review: Mirror Tees

You will never need to buy tees again.

Mirror Tees are one of the new tees on the market that claim to add yardage to your tee shots.  Their premise is that if you lean your tee forward 17.5* there is less friction between the tee and the ball resulting in longer lower spinning drives.   I don’t have a robot to test those claims to see if they are true, but from my rounds, I didn’t see any yardage gains. 

  To be fair, some of that might be my fault, I struggle hitting good tee shots when the tee is leaning forward, this or any brand for that matter.  When the ball looks like it is falling over, my mind doesn’t adjust well.  I also found difficulty getting the right height.  If you lean a ball forward it gets closer to the ground thus changing the height.

  What I did really like about this tee is the fact that I used 1 tee for 10 rounds.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that before with any “indestructible” tee.  It is big, bright and can not be destroyed.  It used every club to take a whack at this tee and it pops up in the air, even flies around a little, but can not be broken.

  They are thicker than other tees so they might press in a little harder on dry ground, but they did always go in because they were so strong, and on really soft turf, they didn’t sink in.

  I’ve yet to pick up a single yard with any tee, but these tees will never need to be replaced, they are indestructible.  They are tall, big and bright, so you shouldn’t lose them either.  If you want to buy one package of a few tees to last you for years, this is it.

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Quick Hits
+Forward Lean

–Won’t fit in many tee holders