REVIEW: Miura Golf Company (US)

The NEW Miura
Miura has long been recognized as an iconic Japanese golf club brand. The clubs created by the “hands of God” Katsuhiro Miura, in Japan have been sold all over the world since 1957. Over the last 5 years, Miura has gone through a great deal of transition and growth here in the United States. At the end of 2017, Miura Golf North America was sold to the owners of True Spec Golf. This leadership team brings some stability to the brand, a Scottsdale home, and a vision of how to grow the brand. The NEW Miura in the USA still maintains a commitment to the roots of Miura as some of the best forged irons made, as well as setting a new course to find success in the US.
The recent purchase and move of Miura to Scottsdale, AZ created a fresh start for the brand in the US.  The new line of clubs is just starting to trickle into the US market now as they shift from previous models to the new models:  MC-501, CB-1008, CB-2008, PP-9903, and  IC-601.  The new clubs are just as awesome as previous models; they really just clean up the line and make for a great selection from muscle backs to hollow body construction.  The looks are clean, the feel is amazing and you can get them fit to your needs.  The “wood” line is missing since previous wood lines were not aimed at the US market, even if they were imported.  The wedges and putters have been expanded slightly with a couple new models all of which fit into the new model of clubs aimed for the US market.  The new putters are shaped along the lines of some favorite designs and the wedges are also clean and fresh.
Miura North America is seeking to expand its reach into various fitters and to promote their brand among golf consumers.  The golf market has changed recently as companies push the price boundaries north.  Virtually every golf company is pushing higher price points for clubs which benefits someone like Miura.  In the past a knock on Miura was their high cost.  While Miura’s price point hasn’t really changed, golfers are willing to spend more on golf clubs.  Basically the high end market has grown and this will benefit Miura.
Miura‘s Scottsdale headquarters is under the same roof as the True Spec headquarters, yet they remain 2 very separate companies.  Miura continues to push their iron line through high end custom fitters around the country.  They are expanding their reach here in the US with a cleaned up product line, better distribution channels, and maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance.  Don’t expect Miura to release new clubs every couple months, but expect small batches of limited editions every so often as well a continued push of their great 2018 line.  This the NEW Miura Golf Company.

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