Review: Miura K-Grind Wedge

The K-Grind inspires Konfidence
The K-grind wedge is specifically designed for one part of your game.  The sand game, which unfortunately for many golfers is an area they struggle with mightily.  Ideally it is all about getting out and getting close, but for many is only about getting out, and even that is a trick.
Imagine if you would this situation and what kind of confidence you would have getting out of a bunker; you are playing in a friendly tournament and at the end of the round, there is a 19th hole for betting.  With buddies it is one thing, but with 7 strangers it is another.
 I just so happened to be the only one of the group that put their ball in the huge front side bunker; everyone else was either long or on the green.  It was assumed that I had no chance.  I settled in the bunker and proceeded to drop a perfect shot 2 inches from the pin.  The K-grind gave me all the konfidence I needed to execute a near perfect shot.

 The konfidence comes from the dramatic K-grind, or as I like to call it the brass knuckle grind.  It is like someone took brass knuckles to the trailing edge of the wedge and dug out some scallops.  This is said to allow easier entry and exit from the sand on wedge shots.  I have to agree, it is the best sand wedge I have ever hit.  While I’m a decent bunker player already, this wedge just gave me even more konfidence that I could get out, but also get close on each shot.

 While most of the talk is about the K-grind, the head itself has a nice shape and is forged of some of the softest metal used for golf clubs.  It is so soft that the ball just softly jumps off the face.  It truly is a feel like no other.  Yet I was impressed that even though it is so soft, the plating is very durable and didn’t get nicked up or dinged up as much as I expected being used primarily as a sand wedge.  The grooves are still nice and sharp and void of sand damage.

I did use it minimally off the fairway and out of the rough.  It hits just like any other 56* wedge.  It is soft, solid and spins nicely.  I didn’t find any particular benefit of the K-grind out of grass, but it didn’t hinder accuracy or distance either.
 Another awesome touch to this club is the DG Spinner shaft.  It might look a little funny with the indented section just below the grip, but it works as billed.  It has consistent feel and distance control yet really imparts the extra spin needed to deal with the lesser grooves now mandated by the USGA.

 The only reason that is going to stop people from getting this wedge is price.  It is not exactly the easiest or the cheapest to come by, but it works awesome getting out of the sand and getting close. The K-grind simply inspires Konfidence

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Quick Hits:
+Awesome out of sand
+Unique grind
+Super soft feel
+Inspires konfidence