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Miura MC-501 Irons Review

Pure and Playable Blades

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Ryan Heiman
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Miura MC-501 Irons

This is my official Miura MC-501 Irons Review. I got fitted for these irons at the Miura headquarters in Scottsdale.

This is how these irons performed for me and my overall experience with them after 5 rounds!

Miura MC-501 Irons
Miura MC-501 – Overview
No one questions how awesome blades feel when struck well. They are the most pure feeling in golf. The debate centers not on the feel, not on the looks, not on the desire, but on the playablity. There seems to be a sentiment out there in the golfing world that if you play blades, you are actually hurting your game. No matter how good you are, you’d be better served by playing a cavity-back. Golfers that have blades are almost looked down upon now as “posers”. I strongly disagree with those statements and think that lower handicap golfers can play blades and play them successfully. My Miura MC-501 irons are living proof that you can get pure and playablity in blades.
The Miura MC-501 irons are not pure blades, the MC stands for a muscle cavity.  These irons have a unique design with some reductions of perimeter weighting and more weighting allocated behind the sweet spot.   Besides the Miura MB-001 irons, these are the next most beautiful in their line up.  The notches and small cavity make these visually stunning, with just a touch of “cavity forgiveness.”  They are also just a touch bigger than a small blade which also adds to some forgiveness without sacrificing any feel or looks.
I went to the North America headquarters for Miura in Scottsdale.  It shares space with True Spec who did my fitting for these irons.  As you can see from the review, a fitting at True Spec is awesome, and then my Miura irons were built just feet away from the fitting bay.  They arrived about a week after the fitting.  I came in with my gamer set of irons which were fit for me as well, and walked out with an even better fitting set of irons with the Miura MC-501 irons.  They were 5 yards longer and the dispersion circle was about half the size.  consider that is going form a set of forgiving cavity backs to a set of blades.    We lowered spin a little, lowered the launch angle yet improved the overall performance.
The Miura MC-501 irons that became my gamer set after this fitting are pretty much stock heads 3-PW with KBS Tour V stiff shafts and NO1 black grips.  It’s a fairly simple combo, but it is spectacular.  I put them in play immediately and found great on course results.  One change I needed to my game was the fact that I wasn’t turning these over as much to the left as my previous gamers.  This meant straighter shots which is a good thing if you aim properly.  Once I dialed in my aim, they clubs just do what I want them to do.  I see no reason to fear blades after playing these for 5+ rounds.
In the past, people would have blasted any one for playing a set of irons that cost more than $1000. But now that is pretty common place for most brands.  While the Miura MC-501 irons are still on the higher side of the price scale, once you hit them, you will fall in love.  They are so pure and playable you will want a set.  They are sold pretty much exclusively through fitters.  After my time with True Spec getting fit, I think it is just as important as ever to get fit for this investment.  The shaft choice is pretty important, even if you’ve hit a particular shaft well in the past, matching it to the head can be important too. 

Miura MC-501 6 Iron Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Launch Monitor

 Spin: 5641 rpms

 Launch Angle: 17.4*

 Club Head Speed: 90.4 mph

Dispersion: 4.0 yds

 Ball Speed: 120.5 mph

 Total Distance: 180.3 yds

 Carry Distance: 172.4 yds


The Miura MC-501 irons aren’t just fancy forged irons, these clubs have game.  Yes, they are as pure as any iron you will ever hit, but the MC-501 irons are very playable.  If you’ve got a decent iron game, check these out.  If you need more forgiveness the other new Miura irons have some cavity back models that just might be perfect for you too.  I will be gaming the MC-501 because they are pure and they perform!

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Quick Hits

➕ Pure forged feel
➕ Awesome looks
➕ Clean design
➕ Blended blade with just a tiny cavity
➕ Little offset
➕ Generous sized blade
➕ Custom fitting

Highish pricepoint


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