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Review: Miura Raw Forged Wedge


Wedges are some of the most important clubs in the bag.  They are often called the scoring clubs, because they can make or break your score.  They need to be versatile, they need to be consistent, they need to be comfortable, but most of all, they need to spin like a tornado.

Miura is well known for their history of incredible forging.  They have been successful in forging for other companies and more recently began offering their own products.  Some have called their craftsmanship the “holy grail” of forged clubs because of their soft feel, excellent consistency and good durability.  Katsuhiro Miura knows his stuff when it comes to forged clubs, there are few his equal in the industry.

My Miura wedge was a raw, custom grind 60* head paired with a DG wedge shaft and topped with a Tour velvet grip.  After reading the specs, I noticed that they come in just a touch shorter than other companies at 34.75” and quite heavy at D6.  Looks can always be subjective, but I would think that most golfers could admit Miura wedges are pretty classy.  A simple Miura Logo and name across the back, the loft dashes below and forged stamped on the muscle.  The only part that I didn’t see a need for was the stamped “genuine” on the hosel. 

Miura allows for club makers to grind their own wedges by producing heads 20 grams heavier so that whatever grind is desired can be accomplished by the club fitter.  My custom grind was done by Frank Viola of Ace of Clubs.  He is excellent to work with and really helpful in getting the type of grind that you are looking for.  After discussing it with him over multiple emails we settled on a modified C grind.  When the club arrived I examined the grind and was really impressed with how fluid it looked.  Many custom grinds get very angular and distinct, you can see the line that the craftsman ground up to and then stopped.  Frank’s was different.  It just flowed with the rest of the head and grind.  It turned out very rounded and smooth all across the back and muscle of the head.

While the grind is important, the real feature of the wedge is the grooves.  The Miura was not lacking any aggression in the groove department.  You could feel the sharpness of these grooves even with your finger.  They were deep, sharp and aggressive.   Being a raw head, there isn’t any finish between the ball and the club.

Once the time came to tackle the course with this wedge, I was confident that this wedge was going to work well for me, and it did.  It exceeded my expectations in the spin department.  This thing spun like a top.  I was sucking the ball back left and right, I was stopping on a dime even out of the rough, all the while enjoying the softest feeling contact with the ball.  The soft click created even more confidence that this wedge was a winner.  I would put these grooves against anything on the market in terms of spin.

The only drawback I did find was that soft forging did get a little abuse from the hard rain-less spring here in MN.  There are a couple of tiny nicks in the face from the 5 or so rounds I have used it for.   Nothing major, but visible upon inspection.  Surprisingly, the sole didn’t ding up much.  The raw finish also was just dull enough to deter any bright sun beams from blinding me.

All that spin and soft feel didn’t spare the ball from a little shredding.  It didn’t seem to matter which premium ball I used they felt a little pain from the grooves.  I guess all that spin comes at a price.  It wasn’t one wedge shot and throw away the ball, I made 18 holes with one ball, but trying to play another 18 with that ball might really harm the performance.

Do you need more spin?  Do you want a super soft feel?  Do you desire a custom grind?  Contact Frank Viola at Ace of Clubs and have him grind you up a new Miura wedge.

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