Review: Miura Small Blade Irons

There are Absolutely No Other Clubs Like These
Shopping for irons is difficult. If you realize it is time to upgrade your irons, where do you start? Maybe you have driver you like so you’ll look for a matching brand. Maybe you’ve always played brand X so you only look at their products. Maybe you’ve read a review that has you intrigued, or maybe you have a budget number and there are only a couple set that fit. I would imagine if you even just do some “window shopping” for irons you will see so many clubs and brands that virtually look the same. Which identical looking/feeling/playing iron are you going to choose? Maybe its time to consider something that is unlike absolutely anything else out there, Miura Small Blade irons.
I think by now most avid golfers (and readers of this site) know about Miura golf clubs.  This premium brand of clubs offers some of the most well crafted and best feeling irons that money can buy.  While the come at a premium price, the do offer things other brands don’t; The Small Blades.  These are some of, if not the smallest iron heads you can buy.  The are reminiscent of the little blade irons or the 60s and 70s that I grew up playing.  I still remember my first miss-matched set of Wilson Staff irons.  They were tiny by comparison to today’s oversized cavity-back irons, but even much bigger than modern blades.  Miura offers irons that are similar in size to those “old school” irons.  No other company offers something like this.
“But why would anyone play blades?”  That is the internet question over the last decade.  The advances in forgiveness, CG, MOI, perimeter weighting, etc would lead you to the conclusion, no one should play blades, especially tiny ones.  There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of articles telling you blade irons are dead and you shouldn’t play them.  But for me the “proof is in the pudding”,  I actually have shot better scores because of better iron play with the Miura Small Blades in the bag.  I’ve been testing a variety of “game improvement” and players irons while the Muiras have been going through the testing stages and performance has me keeping the Miura Small Blades in the bag, not looks, feel or status.
I’ve read all the stuff before too about playing blades, but I felt that my 2-3 handicap could probably handle them, at least for a few fun rounds.  But since getting the Miura Small Blades in the bag this spring, my scores have gone down.  I’ll admit as a HS golf coach I’ve had a unique situation to play and practice more than most, but that doesn’t change how these irons flat out perform in my hands.  I grew up playing irons this size, so they don’t  cause me concern.  When I handed them to my HS golfers a couple didn’t even know if they’d hit the ball with them because they were so small to their eye.  They are little with little to no offset.  It took zero swings to get comfortable with them, instantly they were hitting as pure of shots as can be hit
The Miura Small Blade Set I have is made up of 4-iron – PW with DG S300 AMT shafts and Miura Pure Grips.  This was my first time hitting the DG AMT shafts and I can see why they are so popular right now.  They offer the same DG consistency and feel, with just a little boost in the long irons.  Being weight sorted allows you to have just slightly lighter shafts in the long irons which help with launch, but not messing much with the short irons for greater consistency.  I found it much better than flighted shafts since the transitions are smoother, and nothing much changes with the short irons from a regular set of DG S300 shafts.
What about miss-hits?  If you scull one or hit one way out on the toe you can feel it.  Then again, I can feel those shots with any irons, and even like high MOI irons there is performance lost.  Much to my surprise was how rarely that happened.  I rarely had a shot when I thought, “If only I had a big cavity back iron, that shot would have turned out better.”  It was always the opposite, “I couldn’t have hit that shot with any other iron.”  The Miura Small Blade size makes hitting out of the rough easier, hitting super clean contact in the fairways and if you actually want your ball to do something, they can make it happen.  I felt more in control of my iron game then every before.  If there was ever a miss, it was fat, digging in the sharp leading edge too much.  Even that was rare, but it was the miss when I had one.
The real test was on my FlightScope X2 launch monitor which basically told me what I was already seeing on the course, I hit the Miura Small Blades better, straighter and more consistent the bigger “forgiving” irons.  They perform as well as if not better than other blade irons I’ve come to like.  Yes they aren’t super long, but the dispersion circle is pretty small along with great spin and launch angles.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Miura Small Blade Irons – 8-iron

  • Spin: 8137 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 29.7*
  • Dispersion: 2.5 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 82.9 mph
  • Ball Speed: 111.0 mph
  • Total Distance:  153.1 yds
  • Carry Distance:  149.9 yds

You are going have to decide if the premium price of Miura Small Blades puts them out of your budget, but from a performance standpoint, they work exceptionally well for me.  When I look down at them and hit them, they look and feel amazing.  I’ve been scoring as well as ever and have confidence hitting these little irons.  They aren’t for everyone, but if you have the game (and $) there is absolutely nothing else out there like them.

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Quick Hits
+Amazing looks
+Outstanding feel
+Excellent performance
+Unique size
+Quality fit and finish


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