Review: Miyazaki B. Asha Shafts

Smoother, Tighter and Better!
The newest Miyazaki line is call the B.Asha after the artist who designed the shaft graphics.  It is basically the second generation of the C.Kua line.  It is updated in many ways, yet is still designed on an easy to hit, lightweight platform.  I found it to be one of the best redesigns of a shaft.  As the title says, it is smoother, tighter and better in every way.

The first aspect of improvement are the graphics.  I wasn’t really a fan of the C.Kua line, the gold shaft with the splash graphics just didn’t do it for me; on the flip side the B.Asha might be my favorite looking shaft of any brand.  The matte white, almost ivory color, paired with the brown and red art work are simply stunning.  If I had to pick a shaft purely based on looks, this one would be a winner.
Miyazaki offers one of the best fitting guides of any shaft company with the international flex code on every shaft.  This allows you to know exactly how it will bend and play just based on the 4 digit code on each shaft.  It allows fitters to dial in what the golfer needs based on flex zones.  I tested a lightweight B.Asha 4S and the heavier weight B. Asha 7S.  They both had similarities in many areas such as feel and general launch parameters with some obvious differences based on the different weights and flex codes.


The biggest improvement over the C.Kua line with the B.Asha shaft has to be the feel.  The C.Kua was a little crisp at times where the B.Asha is so smooth.  It transitions much better throughout the swing and seems to offer a nicer feel and kick.  Accompanying the improved feel was improved accuracy.  Not that the C.Kua was bad, but the B.Asha is much straighter and has a much tighter dispersion.

The difference between the 40 gram shaft and the 70 gram shaft was not as wide as I expected.   When it came to launch angle and spin rates it was kind of what you would expect the 40 was higher launching and had higher spin.  But the gap wasn’t very large.  Both were mid-high to high launching shafts.  The swing speed numbers were slightly higher with the 40 gram, but the dispersion was slightly wider.  I see 2 main options.  If you are a smooth swinger, or a slower swing speed play the 40 is perfect.  The 70 would then be a great fairway shaft.  If you attack the ball hard and have a fairly high swing speed the 70 is probably a better fit.  I enjoyed both, but will probably stick with the 70 in my driver.

Miyazaki really stepped it up with the B.Asha line.  It looks so much better, feels better, plays better and is a great improvement.  It isn’t low launching or super low spin like the Kusala line, but it certainly will fit a large number of golfers.  Miyazaki continues to make some of the nicest shafts you can find, the B.Asha is a great 2nd generation light weight shaft.

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Quick Hits
+Awesome looks
+Improved feel
+Excellent dispersion
+International flex code for easy fitting

–Higher launch and spin isn’t for everyone