Review: Mizuno JPX-850 Hybrid

Mizuno’s new hashtag obviously is applicable to their irons as they are just about the best feeling irons model after model, but the JPX-850 hybrid is one of the best feeling hybrids I’ve ever hit.  It is about as solid and pure as you can get from a hybrid.  The shape is more “fairway wood” like but the feel is like a solid forged iron.  Not only am I impressed by the feel, but the results have been very pleasing too.

Mizuno is “blue” with their JPX-850 wood line.  Some will like it, others will hate it.  I don’t have any issues with it.  While I might still prefer black paint, the blue looks very nice on this head.  I have no problem keeping it in play.  It is on the larger size in terms of a “foot print” but yet the face is very thin.  It is narrow at the heel and toe with a good amount right in the center of the face.  It is on the deeper side front to back for hybrids.  It sets up nice and square.

One of the techs of this hybrid is the “Shock Wave sole”.  It is a version of slot/compression channel technology that creates more flex and forgiveness to the face.  Like other clubs with this technology, it works.  I was really impressed by how forgiving this seemingly small face was.  Even though it is smaller than the ball, it seemed like hitting it high or low on the face didn’t reduce the direction or distance a great deal, it just changed the trajectory slightly.  The feel was still equally solid no matter where I hit it on the face.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Mizuno JPX-850 Hybrid

  • Spin: 5021 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 16.3*
  • Dispersion: 5.0 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 96.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 135.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  213.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  209.2 yds

On the course the Mizuno JPX-850 hybrid did what I look for in a hybrid.  I want it to hit a consistent distance with the ability to play it from the fairway or the rough.  I couldn’t hit it from thick rough, (not too many hybrid that I can) but from a moderate rough it picked the ball right out and launched it into the air.  I was able to elevate this hybrid quickly from just about any lie, and land it softly at about 210 yards.  It was still versatile enough that I could adjust my set-up and swing to get different trajectories and flight patterns.

The stock shaft is a real winner here too.  The Fujikura Motore Speeder 8.3 hybrid shaft is very solid, a good weight and incredibly stable.  This is one of the most impressive parts of the whole JPX-850 wood line.  The smooth feel hits the ball on a strong yet high trajectory and offers a fairly soft landing.  I went with the 19* head for a gap filler between my 3-wood and 4-iron.

#NothingFeelsLikeAMizuno applies to the JPX-850 Hybird too.  It is the most solid feeling hybrid I’ve ever hit.  It also offers really solid performance with a great stock shaft and “Shock Wave” sole that actually works; it’s a forgiving head too.  It does set up square and looks like a wood.  The blue is Mizuno for 2015 too.  All those details make it something worth taking a look at for your hybrid slot in the bag.

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Quick Hits
+Shock Wave sole offers forgiveness
+Super solid feel on all hits
+Excellent performance
+Great stock shaft
+Works well from fairway or rough

–Blue head color isn’t for everyone