REVIEW: Mizuno MP-18 Combo Irons

Combining What You Want and What You Need
Every time a new set of blades come out, we all drool over them and wish our game was worthy of playing such beautiful clubs. While some might be able to handle the lack of forgiveness in such irons, many realize that we are better suited for cavity-back irons or even some sort of game improvement sort of iron. Mizuno designed the MP-18 sets of irons that range from pure blades to game helping cavity back irons. The biggest design feature of these sets is that they can be combined seamlessly in any sort of combo you might like without weird distance gapping or drastically different looks from iron to iron. The allowed me to get what I want with some blade irons in the short irons and needed forgiveness through a progression to the long irons.
The Mizuno MP-18 lines comes in blades, split-cavity backs, multi-material construction cavity backs and multi material fli-hi irons.  While each one can be bought as its own set,  I opted to go with a combo of all 4 iron designs.  This allowed me to get the coveted MP-18 MB blades in my PW-8-iron.  These are clubs that I rarely need the forgiveness in, but rather like the feel and control.  I went 7-iron and 6-iron in the MP-18 SC back for just a touch of forgiveness.  I went 5-iron and 4-iron in the MP-18 MMC for maximum forgiveness.  I also added a 3-iron in the MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi for forgiveness and hybrid replacement.  I had them all fitted with DG-S300 AMT shafts to also balance out the combo set too.  The Golf Pride Multi-compound grips come standard on Mizuno irons.  The MP-18 combo sets looks amazing in the bag with a nice blend of style from top to bottom.
Mizuno MP-18 MB irons are pure blades made of some of the best feeling 1025 forged Carbon Steel.  These irons as good of looking irons as you can buy.  The simple muscle bottom with the logo on the high toe and Mizuno on the heel side.  They are scoring clubs so there isn’t the need for forgiveness.  I didn’t have a single shot that I said, “if only I had the MP-18 SC or MCC for that 8-irons shot”  I love the pure feel and the ability to control the distance and trajectory on the scoring irons.
Mizuno MP-18 SC are split cavity irons that offer just enough forgiveness that you know its there, but maintain the solid feel of a forged iron.  The SC irons push a little more weight low by taking it out of the upper cavity.  This irons feel incredibly pure as the MBs do.  They do offer just enough forgiveness that you can tell they help with slightly miss-hit shots.  The launch is slightly higher without giving up any distance.  The blend from the MB 8-iron to the SC 7-iron is perfect, you simply can’t tell the difference which one is behind the ball without looking closely.
Mizuno MP-18 MMC irons are about as technical as an iron can get.  These multi-material constructed irons have a bigger cavity, and weight pulled from the heel and pushed out to the toe, and tungsten is added for even more forgiveness.  You can feel just a touch of hollow in these irons compared to the lower irons, but still have amazingly soft solid feel.  These you can tell have more forgiveness which was noticeable on long shots into the green.  They really pop off the face, and hit nice and high for a soft landing, even with 4-iron.  What becomes impressive with these irons is how the dispersion circle doesn’t change drastically as you move from short irons to long irons.  Obviously it gets bigger the longer the iron, but it stays closer than many other irons I’ve tried.
Mizuno MP-18 MCC Fli-Hi are long iron/hybrid replacements for added lift and distance.  The hollow constructed irons get the weight low and back, yet maintain an iron appearance at address.  I’m not really a 3-irons kind of guy, I’ve moved to a 3 hybrid now for many years, but that doesn’t mean something like the MCC Fli-Hi doesn’t have a place in my bag.  I pulled my hybrid and this filled in perfectly.  It actually did some things my hybrid has trouble doing.  While this does elevate the ball easily, it was also much easier to hit a stinger or a more creative shot than a traditional hybrid.  The look still blends in nicely, even though it has a fatter sole and the fell isn’t quite as pure, but still solid.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Mizuno MP-18 MB – 8-iron

  • Spin: 8103 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 26.7*
  • Dispersion: 3.2 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 85.8 mph
  • Ball Speed: 114.1 mph
  • Total Distance:  154.3 yds
  • Carry Distance:  149.8 yds

In a perfect world, we’d all play MP-18 irons all the way down to a 2-iron, but since most of us need more forgiveness, the ability to make a combo set of what you want and what you need in the MP-18 line makes these one of the best iron choices.  You can blend them however you want, Mizuno makes custom ordering very easy.   Mizuno is known to be a players iron, but this combo set you can get the best of Mizuno’s players irons as well as their forgiving irons to fit your game.  #NothingFeelsLikeAMizuno is true of the entire MP-18 line of irons and they play just as good!  The combo you want and the one you need.

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Quick Hits:
+Looks stunning in all models
+Easy combo set ordering
+Blends together perfectly
+Amazing feel
+MCC offers great forgiveness
+Fli-Hi can replace a hybrid
+Wants and needs in one set

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