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Review: Mizuno MP-62 Irons

Irons for the serious golfer.
Mizuno says that they add new irons to their line only once they come up with a new design worthy of the tour.  The new MP 62s are truly tour worthy and were immediately accepted on tour, finding a place in the bag of Luke Donald and other Mizuno staffers.  The MP-62s are the top players club in the Mizuno line.  The MP-52s are going to be more forgiving and after that they move into the MX line, which is aimed at those who need more game improvement irons.

Mizuno’s MP line has always had the image of a serious players clubs.  The MP-62s are in no way a deviation from that tradition.  I have always been a fan of the looks of the MP series, even going back a number of years.  They keep the stamping to a minimum and let the head display its beauty without clutter.  My MP-62 set consisted of the standard 3-PW finished with Project X 5.5 shafts and Mizuno Golf Pride Velvet grips.  They came packaged in the best box and packaging I have ever seen.  At both ends of the box there were foam blocks cut out so that each club head fit in its spot perfectly.  It may seem insignificant, but if you’ve had some run ins with one of the shipping companies, you will be happy to know that these beauties will arrive pristine, no matter what the delivery guy does with them.  I know various club fitters have spoken about inconsistencies with some of the MP lines, but mine came in very precisely at D2.  Loft and lies were also very consistent.

The new dual muscle back design offers a blade like design with a hint of cavity back forgiveness.  It is similar to a split back design that other companies make, but these are more blade like than cavity back.   The taller toe offers a comfortable frame to the ball with each iron.

Mizuno has always been known for its soft forgings, and the MP-62’s could be branded “ I can’t believe its not butter”.  Puring a Mizuno MP-62 is simply that best feeling shot in golf.  They are that perfect mix of soft but firm, they don’t feel mushy, but not at all harsh, just the perfect click at impact. The grain-flow forged heads designed to offers the most pleasant sound and feel on well struck shots and a soft reminder on the not so well struck.

I have been a blade player for the last year and feel that these are just a little more forgiving than blades, but just as easy to control and work.  I typically try to just play it straight on most shots and found these to accommodate with consistent flight.   By design, these irons can be worked right or left.  The low handicap player will enjoy the ability to execute whatever shot their heart desires.  At the same time the MP-62s offer a touch of forgiveness to keep the slightly off-center hits from being too penal.

The knock on forged clubs is always durability.  They typically can’t take the abuse that a cast club can, but after 5 rounds in the AZ desert and a couple more in the frozen MN tundra, they still look like new.  The chrome is holding up very well and the metal beneath is not dinging or gouging.

What makes these for the serious golfer are the thin top lines, minimal offset and the smaller sweet spot.  The MP-62s do not offer much in the way of forgiveness for the weekend golfer or high-handicap.

The sole grind is one of the most versatile of any iron I have played.  It offers a rolled leading edge and trailing edge to allow for perfect divot management.  It works for the picker and the digger.  The radius sole or camber from toe to heal helps every golfer get the most out of these irons in soft or firm conditions.

I was really happy with the MP-62s lofts because Mizuno stuck to tradition lofts, which allowed me to keep my distances where they are at and hit the ball.  I could just step up and swing getting controllable trajectory and shot shape.  The piercing launch angle kept the ball from ballooning even into a stiff desert breeze.

Are you serious about your golf game?  These are some clubs for the serious golfer.  If you’ve always wanted blades, these might be the first step in that direction.  It will offer the same feel and size, but just enough forgiveness that even the serious golfer needs some days.

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