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Review: Mizuno MP-63 Irons

Diamonds can be a guy’s best friend too
 We all know that saying about diamonds being a girl’s best friend.  While that statement is true, I think that diamonds can be a guy’s best friend too.  In relationships when a little forgiveness is needed, diamonds can help out, and so on the golf course I’ve found diamonds to be forgiving too.  The new Mizuno MP-63 irons have a diamond shape in the cavity of these players’ irons.  That diamond shape distributes the weight in the head behind the ball just about perfectly along with offering just the right amount of forgiveness.

 At first glance these are outstanding looking clubs.  The chromed face and back contrasted by the satin cavity look great.  They are pure Mizuno.  There is minimal stampings and markings for a true player’s club.  Upon further inspection their sole grind is very well done.  There is a blunted leading edge and a beveled trailing edge meaning less digging and when you do, easy exit from the turf.  The overall shape is a little boxier than the MP-68s and they seem to have a taller toe, but are still very pleasant to look down at.

I had my set made with my favorite KBS stiff flex shafts and topped with Mizuno tour velvet grips.  Distance was virtually the same as my other irons and trajectory was just a touch lower.  I expected it to be higher, but then remembered that similar lofted cavity backs will launch just a touch lower than blades because of the weight placement.

As always these are grain flow forged and have what we have all come to know and love about Mizuno, that butter soft feel at impact.  If you’ve never hit a Mizuno iron it is at least worth demoing one to see what you are missing.

As I proceeded to play a couple of late fall rounds in with these clubs I wasn’t blown away by them.   I had played the MP-68s all season and got the MP-63s in near the end.  Maybe I was expecting too much or thinking that they were going to be drastically different, but they were not.  They had the same great feel; I seem to hit them on about the same trajectory as the MP-68s and really didn’t notice anything that different.  Until I got done with my rounds and added up my greens hit in regulation and walked through my round again in my head, having shot one of best scores of the season and trying to figure out why.  Then it hit me, these irons are just enough more forgiving that I didn’t miss greens like I had from time to time with my MP-68s.  I played another round this time playing both sets (the course was empty) Ball one MP-63 and Ball two MP-68.  On average I was 10 feet closer to the pin.  3 yards is not a big deal, but the difference between being on the green or in a bunker, or on the right side of the ridge instead of the wrong or even a 5 foot putt compared to a 15 foot putt starts adding up.  There is just enough forgiveness in the diamond design that helped me score better.  Yes on a couple of holes it did work against me because the MP-68s worked the ball in closer while the MP-63s stayed their line better keeping track further from the pin, but over all the slight bit of forgiveness worked in my favor most of the time.

 I think MP-63 diamond back irons are my best friends too; I look forward to more rounds with them in 2011.

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