Review: Mizuno MP-650 3-wood

WAAAY Underrated!!
A number of 3-woods have created great buzz this year.  Many companies have really focused their attention on this club, with slots, speed, and interesting names.  I honestly heard very little about the Mizuno MP-650 3-wood.  I hope that things will change, because it is waaaay underrated.  I would put it up against any 3-wood on the market and I have a feeling the Mizuno MP-650 will win with its combination of length and accuracy.
One thing that Mizuno has always done so well is create some of the most aesthetically pleasing clubs.  The MP-650 3-wood might be described as near perfect in the looks category.  It has a classic pear shape, mid-sized face height, a glossy black crown and a clean mirrored sole.  One thing that you can’t see by looking at the club is the materials used for the face, but when you hit it you will see the difference.  The MP-650 wood has a titanium face. It has score line from side to side of the face.


I happened to get a few indoor LM rounds in with it and couldn’t believe the numbers I was seeing, I actually thought it was a fluke, some juiced numbers based on a misread or something like that.  I don’t hit a 3-wood 250yards.

It was no fluke, on the course, this was the longest 3-wood I have hit to date.  I hit it 250yard off the deck on the course numerous times.  I was standing 3 feet from the 250yard plate on one course and hit the ball to the center of the green.  I averaged  5 to 10 yards more than any other 3-wood I have hit.  It has a nice curve to the sole so that you can get the ball of medium rough, yet slides nicely over the tight fairway turf.

While length is great, but a bomb every now and then isn’t what I need in a 3-wood, I want it to go straight and long every time.  I couldn’t believe  how accurate it was, if I needed to hit a tight fairway, this was my weapon of choice.  I could work it both ways just a little bit, I hit a couple baby cuts and baby draws with it too.  While I prefer to hit the straight ball and found it easy to do, working the ball with this club is possible too.

The Fujikura Orochi 75 gram shaft is a new shaft, made specifically for Mizuno.  It felt to me much like a Motore F3.  Stable yet offered a smooth mid launch with fairly low spin.  It was strong enough to hit into a strong wind and still get solid distance.  The mid launch was fairly flat, so if you want a 3-wood that hits high, this isn’t it.

It all comes in a nice classy Mizuno package, with a stock Tour Velvet Mizuno grip, the black Orochi shaft and a black and white headcover with a  long sock to protect the shaft.

Seriously, right off the rack, this is the longest, most accurate 3-wood I have ever hit.  Let’s get some buzz going about this club, it is waaaaay underrated in my opinion.

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Quick Hits
+Perfect classic look
+Sooo long
+Very forgiving
+Ti Face

–no buzz, waaay underrated!