REVIEW: Mizuno S-18 Wedges

Shape, Spin and Score

Wedges really come down to 3 S’s.  Shape, Spin and Score.  If you have those 3 categories of your wedges dialed in, they are most likely going to be the best wedges for your game.  While the Score one is the most important, you need the right Shape to fit your eye for confidence and you need the right Spin to control your shots.  The Mizuno S-18 wedges hit all 3 on the head.  The new MP-18 lines received all the fan fare when they were release, but the S-18 wedges deserve some love because they are just as good.

The Mizuno S-18  wedges compliment the MP-18 line very nicely.  They aren’t maybe the purest blade style wedge, but they certainly have a clean look that blends in nicely from MP-18 pitching wedge through the S-18 wedges.  They do come in 2 color options, Gun Metal or White Satin.  I went with the White Satin for the consistent look throughout the set, but the Gun Metal do look amazing too in their dark non-glare finish.  The White Satin didn’t really have any glare issues for me in the AZ sun.  I think it really more about preference of look behind the ball.  I also had mine made with the DG S300 AMT shaft which too transitions nicely from MP-18 irons to S-18 wedges.  There are multiple choices for grips too, but the stock Golf Pride dual compound rounds out the entire set.

I really think that shape set the tone for any wedges I’m going to play.  I really need the confidence when I look down at the wedges, I’m not trying to manipulate it or concerned about contact because the shape, sole, grind and bounce are all tuned to my swing and my eye.  The Mizuno S-18s have a really smooth rounded shape that is about as pure as it gets.  The transition of line from hosel to leading edge and sole to body are excellent.  A big factor in the shape is the cavity which has CG manipulation for better contact and balance on each shot which flows through the set moving upward as the loft go higher.  The bounce and sole grinds also change as the lofts change for more optimized contact with the ball.  The shape is rather forgiving with the almost cavity back design.  And to cap it all off they are forged like the irons for incredible feel.

We still talk about the CC grooves that became the norm numerous seasons ago since manufactures are inching back toward those super spin grooves again as they work within the new rules.  Mizuno designed grooves that can really put some spin on the ball.  I was impressed by watching the ball zip backward on shots.  The face milling lines really do seem to have roughened up the face for a little addition zip when you need it.  The CG is another key factor in maximizing your spin consistently shot after shot.  I think it really the key to the success I had with these wedges is the fact that I knew what the spin was going to do.  I didn’t get too many shots that I thought were going to spin, but instead released and vice versa.

At the end of the day, this really is all that matters, score.  It can look pretty, spin the ball a ton, but if it doesn’t help you score better, then what is the point.  The Mizuno S-18 wedges really allowed me to bring my A-game on short shots.  They have a nice bounce and sole grind with significant camber which really allows for solid contact which leads to closer hit balls.  The spin consistency allowed me to pick the shot and distance and commit to it.  This all led to close chips and pitches and even full wedges shots were spot on for distance and direction.  These flowed so nicely with the MP-18 combo set of irons which lead to some really good scoring rounds.  While these Mizuno S-18 off-the-rack wedges didn’t quite beat my custom fit gamers, they certainly gave them a run for their money.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor
Mizuno S-18  60* Wedge

  • Spin: 11,027 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 56.2*
  • Dispersion: 2.9 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 76.0 mph
  • Ball Speed: 78.6 mph
  • Total Distance:  80.3 yds
  • Carry Distance:  76.1 yds

Mizuno gets all their buzz with their irons and the MP-18 irons are worthy of said buzz.  That being said the S-18 wedges compliment the irons perfectly and are designed with the 3 S’s of wedges that make them a great choice for your scoring clubs.  You will be hard pressed to find a better feeling wedge.   Mizuno did a great job with this new S-18 wedge line and you should check them out; great shape, spin and score.

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent smooth rounded shape
+Progressive CG
+Amazing forged feel
+Great spin
+Scorecard friendly
+Blends nicely with MP-18 irons