REVIEW: MLA Target Adixion Putter

Addixted to Ceeing Putts on Target
There are many factors that lead to putts going in the hole; speed, line, direction, and aim.  It really is a simple equation that gets the ball from its resting spot to the bottom of the cup.  In a perfect world we’d be able to 1-putt every green, but in reality, it is one of the hardest aspects of golf.  While it seems so simple, just roll it in the hole, we see 2-putts regularly and even some 3-putts or 4-putts depending on our skill level.  MLA created their patented alignment aid to help you cee more made putts.  It is a C-shaped alignment aid designed through neuroscience that creates Multiple Line-detector Activation.  The MLA Target Adixion putter offers some unique features keep you addixted to ceeing on target putts.
MLA putters have been in the USA for 3 years.  While they have won numerous awards in the golfing industry, they still kind of live in the shadows of the big name brands.  They do have a small tour staff, but many of those names aren’t household names in the US.  But just because they aren’t making headlines, doesn’t mean they don’t make a great product.  Their slightly unconventional design and shape, is something that takes some time to get used to.  I’m a pretty traditional anser putter kind of guy.  The MLA Target Adixion putter is a blended anser and mallet style.  The beef of the putter is near the face which I like, and has just a flat flange that extends in the back to give it a mallet look.  The plumbers neck is mounted about 1/3 in from the heel.  This creates a well balanced and unique putter.  Additionally it has a black shaft and pistol grip to round out a really nice combo.

Any discussion of an MLA putter has to do with the C shaped alignment aid.  The multiple line-detection activation has a whole bunch of science behind it, but for me it basically looks like it will “cup” the ball and push it toward the hole even if you are off a little bit.  It is kind of like those PVC ball collectors on chipping greens that gather up all the balls into a pile.  While it might seem gimmicky, it have to admit, my aim with this putter has been outstanding.  I hit the majority of my putts on the intended line, even without a single straight line or dot pointing me in that direction.  It visually feels like you can’t miss the line.

The MLA Target Adixion putter has a multi-material design with a grooved face insert.  While I’m a metal face guy, this insert was nice and firm which I appreciated.  I didn’t get any “mush” balls off the face that I wasn’t able to control the distance properly.  The feel is soft, but consistent across the width of the face.  The grooves appeared to grab the ball nicely and get it rolling forward quickly.  I don’t think it is fancy face technology, but solid ball roll putt after putt.   Even though it is a mallet, I really like having all the weight of this 360 gram putter near the face, which also helped with my distance control.

The MLA Target Adixion putter is face balanced which isn’t a perfect fit for my stroke, but surprisingly offered good success on the greens.  I think the perceptual perfect alignment helped counter the difference between my swing and the face balance.  I can’t say I one putted every green, but I was impressed by the amount of putts that were right on target.  Some of the missed putts are not the clubs fault but operator error.  I was certain the putt broke 2 inches when it only broke 1 inch.  No putter can fix that, but if it hits the ball on-line then I am a happy golfer.

If you can’t seem to hit your target line, an MLA putter might be the best option for your game.  The patented alignment might be just what you need to cee more putts roll on their intended line.  It is addixting to see putt after putt roll in the right direction.  The MLA Target Adixion putter is a unique blade/mallet blend that sets up easily and rolls the ball nicely.  They have many other shapes and designs if you want something that fits your eye or stroke better.  I am impressed by the alignment and function of this putter.  It might not be a wall-hanger, but it certainly is a putt-maker.  You will be addixted to ceeing putts go on target.

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Quick Hits
+C-Shape Alignment works
+Unique headshape
+Great feel
+Nice roll
+Easy to use

–Not a “pretty” putter

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