Review: Molhimawk Stand Bag

Get Your Swag (bag) On!!
“Swag” has become a common usage English word.   It has replaced the word “cool” for many people and usually is connected with the clothing or gear someone has.  While the word is over used by teenagers, it has become a regular term used by young and old alike.  Molhimawk makes “Swag Bags” for golf.  They have vivid and bold patterned material on either a stand or a cart bag.  If you want the pattern to match your pants, they have LoudMouth fabrics too.  If you want something different and brighter for golf, Get Your Swag (bag) On with Molhimawk.

Picking the right Molhimawk pattern is going to be the toughest challenge.  They have around 38 different patterns in stand bags and about half that many in the cart bags.  Obviously these patterns will not appeal to everyone, but even if you like to keep a modest appearance at the golf course, you can find a pattern that looks classy like the Blue and White Plaid I went with.  If you are bolder, they have it.  There is a small up-charge for LoudMouth patterns, but if you really like that style, it is well worth it.

No matter if the stand bag has a wild pattern or plain fabric, it needs to perform.  The Molhimawk stand bag has a 6-way top and 6 pockets for your stuff.  I liked the pattern of the top with a large putter and/or driver slot with 2 smaller dividers surrounding that.  The bottom was one large section with 2 middle full width sections.  I had no grip tangle or serious club chatter.  It worked great for dividing woods, irons and wedges.  The front pockets are really well designed as they offer lots of space for balls, tees and other on-course accessories.  The outside has a full length pocket for rain gear or shoes.  The inside has a small pocket that is great for extra golf balls or beverages.  The velvety valuables pocket holds a phone and wallet easily.

The weight of the Molhimawk stand bag is fairly light.  I was impressed with all the features and function without too much additional weight.  The legs open and close easily and the bag sits at a good angle.  The backpack straps are big and thick and work well as they are formed in one piece.  The bag balances nicely on the shoulders.  The only issue I had carrying the bag was the right strap metal ring where it attaches to the bag cut into my side once and a while.  It wasn’t all the time, but sometimes the way I put it on my back, I would have to re-position the straps and bag so this wouldn’t happen.  It rides very nicely on a push or power cart too.

If you are bored with plain bags, Molhimawk gives you some bold and bright patterns of their own or you can get a LoudMouth bag.  You don’t have to worry about sacrificing form over function, this bag can hold its own in the carry bag category.  If you want to Get Your Swag (bag) On check out Molhimawk bags.

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Quick Hits
+Bold and Bright Patterns
+Excellent 6-way top
+6 well designed pockets
+Lightweight bag
+Good leg mechanism

–Too bold and bright for some
–Certain positions the metal ring cut into back