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The Most Expensive Golf Clubs 2023

The most expensive golf clubs on our list come from the Japanese company Miura, whose MB-101 Forged Blades are said to be “crafted by the hands of God himself.” With how hard golf can sometimes be, I think if that statement turns out to be true, some of us may be dipping into our rainy-day funds sooner than anticipated.

Most Expensive Golf Clubs 2023

Many lists online talking about the “most expensive golf club in the world” topic focus on relics and collectors’ items that would never be used in daily life. Today’s purpose of our list is to show any reader with some bankroll behind them the most expensive golf clubs you’ll want to use. No one would call the game of golf inexpensive, but in our list of the most expensive golf clubs for 2023, we’ll decide whether their high price tag makes them some of the best possible golf clubs for your lavish consideration.

8 Most Expensive Golf Clubs - 2023

Now that you’ve seen our list of the 8 most expensive clubs you’ll actually want to use in 2023, let’s dive into each selection further and see if they’re worth their big-ticket dollar amounts.

8. Bettinardi 2022 BB Series (BB-46 Putter pictured) (430$ each)

Bettinardi 2022 BB Series

An “expensive golf clubs” list can confidently begin with a company dedicated to precision and incredible quality milled clubs like Bettinardi. While often accompanied by premium price tags, knowing all their putters, including today’s Bettinardi 2022 BB-46 are proudly hand-crafted and milled just outside of Chicago. Combined with their notoriously buttery-smooth forged feel and acoustic feedback make, these putters are most definitely worth the money in our minds.

There are 4 significant advancements made in the Bettinardi’s 2022 B.B. Series. 1. The whole line features an all-new “Aggressive Flymill Face” milling that produces a softer feel than traditional Flymill faces. 2. A thin coating of “P.V.D.” (Physical Vapor Dispersion) shows the milling design stunningly with a dark overall finish. 3. Bettinardi Tour Staffers determined upgrading to one-piece milling from 303 Stainless Steel for the 2022 B.B. Series provides a responsive, solid, and durable feel. 4. Lastly, premium components like a Tour grade shaft, custom grey “Lamkin Sink Fit” grip, and a Flymill patterned B.B. Series headcover make this putter both look and feel well worth its retail price.

I feel the 2022 Bettinardi BB Series is so strongly worth your consideration that I included it in our list of the Best Putters for 2023.

Key Features

  • New "Aggressive Flymill Face Milling"

  • 303 Stainless Steel

  • Premium Shaft / Headcover / Grip

7. Sugar Daddy II PXG 0311 Milled Wedges (499$ each)

Sugar Daddy II PXG 0311 Milled Wedges

“Nobody makes clubs the way we do. Period.” P.X.G.’s phrase and mantra are for sure actualized in their Sugar Daddy II 0311 Milled Wedges, which retail for the same price as many premium drivers.

Finding their own spot on our list of the “8 Best Sand Wedges Of 2022,” the Sugar Daddy II’s are an incredibly high-quality and technological approach to golf wedge design. To begin, the Sugar Daddy II’s are “full-faced wedges,” meaning their grooves extend the entire length of the club head, making the surface area for contact much larger than traditional wedges grooves. These wedges feature a “High Toe Weighting System” that positions the center of gravity for more forgiveness and consistency of strike. In the rear of the club head is an adjustable weight that can be tested during a fitting to maximize feel and performance. In addition, these wedges are unique by only offering two grind options that are entirely based on playing conditions. If you mostly play in lush conditions and deep sand traps, you want a “BP-grind,” and if you play in firm conditions, you want a “C-grind.”

While remaining highly advanced in their design process, P.X.G. makes their buying process simple by only offering the Sugar Daddy II’s in a standard “Chrome” or an “XTREME Dark” finish. This includes a new “Diamond-like Carbon” coating that extends the lifetime of the wedge face and grooves. Lastly, P.X.G. offers their Sugar Daddy II shaft options from manufacturers such as Accra, AeroTech, KBS, Mitsubishi Golf, Project X, and U.S.T.

If you’re serious about your wedge game and enjoy / can afford P.X.G.’s products, then we suggest you try their 0311 Sugar Daddy II wedge line.

Key Features

  • "Full-Face" Grooves

  • Playing Conditions Based Grind Options

  • 2 Unique Finish Options

6. L.A.B. Golf DF 2.1 Custom (549$)

L.A.B. Golf DF 2.1 Custom

From L.A.B. Golf, “The DF 2.1 can do amazing things other putters can’t because of Lie Angle Balance, or L.A.B. for short.”

L.A.B. Golf says their “Lie Angle Balance” technology does an excellent job of eliminating torque. This allows every golfer to consistently repeat their putting stroke with far less effort than other putters.

L.A.B. Golf admits themselves the DF 2.1 putter looks “a little funny.” The company claims that “as the putts keep falling,” your playing partners will focus more on your putter’s results than its looks.

Regardless, their DF 2.1 is 100% C.N.C. milled, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A. with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. According to L.A.B., the most important aspect of every putter they make is determining the optimal lie angle for the user, which is accomplished through an in-person or remote fitting.

Where the DF 2.1 Custom differentiates from the DF 2.1 Stock is in the offering of a Black, Blue, or Red, head finish, a L.A.B. Golf patented “Press Grip,” that establishes the “forward press” element of a putting stroke automatically, 36 different options of alignment markings (insane), a “Standard,” “ArmLock,” and “Broomstick” length options, and three high-quality headcover options.

For one of the most interesting-looking clubs in the world, having the “Lie Angle Balanced” technology and the assurance of sinking more putts, the L.A.B. Golf DF 2.1 Custom putter is well worth a try in your 2022 golfing season.

Key Features

  • "Lie Angle Balanced" Technology

  • 3 Unique Finish Options

  • 3 Length Options

5. Sik Flo ArmLock Putter (544.99$ - 679.99$)

Sik Flo ArmLock Putter

S.I.K. by LA GOLF is a putter brand that focuses on putter faces with trademarked “Descending Loft Technology.” “D.L.T.,” for short, delivers consistent launch angles for players regardless of shaft lean at impact, leading to more consistent and predictable rolling putts for users. Through four different loft sections on the putter face descending from loft degrees of 4° – 1°, putts stroked at differing impact angles will have more reliable results than other putters in the golf club market. Four different head shapes are available with further customization based on player preferences. We’ll be focusing on the “Flo Armlock” design.

LA GOLF, much like a custom jewelry designer, requires a fitting process for their custom putter heads (a 125$ fee). In addition, multiple sight-lines are offered (a 60$ fee), five different armlock shafts are offered (a 100$-430$ fee), 14 different lengths based on height are offered, and four different premium headcovers are offered based on player’s style, and overall bag appearance wanted. (Red, White, Blue, and Black)

Formerly trusted by notorious golf nerd and ex-PGA Tour superstar Bryson DeChambeau, we feel L.A. Golf’s Sik putters (and particularly the Sik Flo Armlock) are well worth your consideration if you’re someone desperate for a putting change and not concerned about saving a buck.

Key Features

  • "Descending Loft Technology"

  • 5 Different Armlock Shaft Options

  • 14 Different Length Options

4. TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver (599.99$ - 849.99$)

TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver

In case you’ve been in a coma for the last quarter-year, the Stealth and Stealth Plus driver from TaylorMade is one of the hottest clubs in the world in both sales and club faces. Tiger Woods was so sold on the Stealth he chose to implement it in his historic return at the P.N.C. Championship after his near-fatal crash last February. This is by far the most technology-packed driver TaylorMade has ever offered.

TaylorMade believes titanium driver faces are an “antique golf club” design. After allegedly 20 years in the making, TaylorMade has released upon golfers the “CarbonWood Age” with a “60X Carbon Twist Face.” Implementing 60 layers of carbon sheets strategically arranged for better energy transfer and faster ball speeds across a large portion of the face. By creating an innovative nanotexture cover, the drivers face the ideal amount of friction at impact to optimize launch and spin. An interestingly large team of sound engineers works inside TaylorMade to create a perfect acoustic sound for the impact sound of the Stealth. Also, a 10-gram adjustable sliding weight is added to the back of the driver’s head, boosting M.O.I. and allowing a more controllable/customizable ball flight. Lastly, in the tech advancements department, TaylorMade designed the Stealth’s head shape for speed. The “Asymmetric Inertia Generator” head shape is designed to make the fastest part of the swing the moment before impact. This design increases clubhead speeds while allowing additional weight to be placed at the rear of the driver’s head to increase M.O.I., launch conditions, and overall forgiveness.

Where the Stealth Plus differentiates itself from the rest of the Stealth driver line-up is in the further customization options TaylorMade offers for players. You’re not limited to the flashy red Carbon face on the other Stealth drivers, you can customize different elements/colors of the head to match your specific style, and nearly every shaft and grip from every major manufacturer are offered based on your swing preferences.

Don’t get us wrong, all of the Stealth drivers in the line-up are hot and long but what many don’t mention is that the Stealth drivers are made for specific players… Those who can reliably hit the dead center of the driver’s face. Stealth drivers aren’t known for their forgivability. IF you’re a player who feels like they’re a generational striker of the driver and are looking for increased distance, the Stealth (and Stealth Plus) drivers will be a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • "60x Twist Carbon Face"

  • Color Customization Options

  • Increased Clubhead / Ballspeed

3. The LA GOLF Putter "Blade or Mallet" (1500$ for either)

The LA GOLF Putter “Blade or Mallet”

LA GOLF, the same creators of Sik putters, has their own line of putters called “The LA GOLF Putter.” Offered in a blade or mallet head shape for the same astounding price of 1500$ retail, what makes “The LA GOLF Putter” so special?

First, upon closer examination of “The LA GOLF Putter,” you’ll notice that it isn’t a traditional “metal-headed blade putter” at all but instead made entirely of 435 layers of Carbon. Clearly a theme in the latest golf news (TaylorMade Stealth), The LA GOLF Putter is the first all-Carbon putter head on the market, with direct design influence from Bryson DeChambeau. This helps hit the sweet spot area on the face and was increased by 50%. From DeChambeau himself, “The primary reason why amateurs leave so many putts short is that they miss the sweet spot a majority of the time, so we made the sweet spot over 50% larger without changing the swing weight.” Similar to LA GOLF’s Sik putters, “Descending Loft Face” technology (“D.L.T.”) delivers more consistent launch angles and more predictability in your roll “than any putter on the market.” Lastly, for tech, an extremely stiff, large diameter anti-vibration graphite shaft is said to “eliminate all the wiggle in the putter head.”

The LA GOLF Putter is offered in a blade or mallet style, as we discussed earlier, and both of those head shapes are offered in a 70 gram or 90-gram head weight configuration, and lengths between 33″ and 36.” A custom magnetic LA GOLF headcover comes with the purchase, but the company doesn’t let you see the headcover until purchase! Also showing that Bryson influence, a WINN Jumbo Lite DRI TAC grip comes standard with purchase.

If you’re a total golf sicko debating whether to quit or sink a ton of money into one club, The LA GOLF Putter may be worth the investment. If you’re someone who’d like to putt with a putter Bryson DeChambeau himself helped design, this would also be the perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Entirely Carbon Head

  • "Descending Loft Technology"

  • Anti-Vibration Shaft

2. Cobra KING RF Proto Irons "Rev33" (1900$ for set)

Cobra KING RF Proto Irons “Rev33” (1)

Co-designed by Rickie Fowler and the team over at Cobra Golf, the limited edition RF Proto Irons (a.k.a. Rev33) took 33 different iterations over a year to create what Cobra calls “the perfect irons.” The rich copper finish was hand-selected by Rickie Fowler to make his irons unique, and their bag appeal is truly attention-grabbing.

Besides shipping in a neat limited edition box, the Rev33 irons from Cobra are special in many ways. Each RF Proto iron is crafted using a forging process and C.N.C. milling machine to ensure the most precise iron possible. High-density tungsten to weighting system works to position the center of gravity right behind the hitting zone for the purest feel and added stability on off-center strikes.

In addition to the eye-catching appearance, careful consideration was taken to ensure the topline thickness, and each edge radius was suited to an elite player like Rickie’s eye. There is little to no offset, and the edges on these clubs are sharp, resulting in a very “premium ball-striker only” looking entire set of golf clubs.

As some of the most expensive golf clubs in the world, you knew the technology wouldn’t stop there, right? Users are optioned at purchase by adding “Cobra Connect” sensors to the butt end of the clubs’ grip that provide analytics and precise feedback to players to help them improve and lower scores faster.

If you are a fantastic iron player and are looking for some irons that not only look great but also turn some heads in the bag line, please consider Cobra Golf’s King RF Proto Irons (Rev33).

Key Features

  • Copper Finish

  • Limited Edition Box

  • Grip Sensor Option

1. Miura MB-101 Forged Blades 3-PW (3,024$ for set)

Finding the “most expensive golf clubs” spot on our list is the beautiful Miura MB-101 Forged Blades created by Japanese Master Craftsman Katsuhiro Miura. Miura-San founded Miura golf company in 1957 with the goal to create something beautiful with the highest degree of integrity, something Miura still feels isn’t done properly in the golf industry.

The MB-101 Forged Blade set incorporates the best characteristics of early Miura designs and past models. The subtle refinements to the sole of the clubs allow them to travel effortlessly through all types of turf. The sole’s width and the face’s thickness have been optimized to allow a heightened feel and feedback to players. While Miura themselves admit creating a “perfect iron” is impossible, they hold themselves to a higher precise weight standard than independent golf club testing facilities used across the globe.

Miura isn’t just known for creating some of, if not the best golf clubs / forged irons in the world, but also allowing specialized player customization options to their clubs. When purchasing, buyers are optioned with wild specificity about minute details such as the number of grip wraps, “pure alignment shaft/ferrule configurations,” and specialty ferrules that match a player’s personality and suit their eye better at address.

Clearly, Miura, as a company and a man, cares deeply about players having a golf product they can be confident in and rely on fully. If you’re looking for some of the best blades you can possibly find, tested to the most precise account on the market, consider the Miura MB-101 Forged Blades.

Key Features

  • Hand Forged in Japan

  • Ferrule / Alignment Customization Options

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