Most Forgiving Irons 2024

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Ryan Heiman

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Most Forgiving Irons 2024

Our Top 3

Best Overall

TaylorMade P790 Irons


Who Should Buy:

Golfers who want the all-around most forgiving irons of 2024.

Best On A Budget

Takomo 201



Who Should Buy:

Golfers wanting a budget-friendly yet still premium set of forgiving irons.

Best Distance

Wilson Dynapower Irons


Who Should buy:

Players who want distance-focused forgiving irons.

Insights Into Our Most Forgiving Irons of 2024 Picks:

My name is Ryan Heiman, I have been testing golf clubs and equipment here at Independent Golf Reviews since 2011.

Each year, the biggest golf brands send me their newest, most forgiving irons and allow me to test and review them on the course.

I test each set for multiple rounds and write full, in-depth reviews for our readers.

This is my current list of recommendations for the most forgiving irons in 2024, based on specific golfer categories.

Each player is different and will have different needs based on their game, but I try my best to accommodate every player.

You should be able to leave this article with a clear choice for which irons you should buy next.

Best Overall

TaylorMade P790 Irons

TaylorMade P790 Irons

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers needing reliability and consistency in their iron set
  • You want forgiving irons without a “game improvement” look
  • Players who could benefit from a ½ club of more distance

Who Should Not Buy

  • Golfers needing an extra thick topline/iron head shape for more confidence


When most players ask me, “What irons do you think would benefit my game the most?” the recommendation that immediately comes to mind is the revamped TaylorMade P790s.

I praise them as the “Best Irons Overall” because they provided me the most consistency from 9 iron to 4 iron of any club set I’ve played and tested recently.

They’re designed using golfers’ most common miss-hit shot data and Artificial Intelligence to create dependable ball flights and performance for every club.

On top of that, the P790s appear like blades from afar while looking thicker and easier to hit when I’m standing over the ball – a true “best of both worlds.”

Their technology and confidence-inspiring looks made my long irons just as reliable as my short irons, dropping my scores and increasing my belief in my game.

If you want the best, most forgiving irons that are near-guaranteed to improve your golf, the TaylorMade P790s are your choice.

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Best On A Budget

Takomo 201 Irons

Takomo 201 irons

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers wanting premium forgiving irons at a low price
  • Players who enjoy forged iron feeling at contact
  • Mid to low-handicap golfers wanting forgiveness for cheap

Who Should Not Buy

  • Players who want to test their clubs in person before purchase


I’m here to confirm the Takomo 201 player’s cavity-back irons might be the best “bang for your buck” golf equipment purchase anyone can make in 2024.

They’re forged (buttery soft), confidence-inspiring while remaining sleek-looking, forgiving in length/accuracy, and half the price of leading competitors.

While I won’t pretend I hit every shot out of the center while testing them, my mishits weren’t penalized with sharp hooks or weak slices.

Their appearance is clean and very aesthetically pleasing, but each club’s sole is incrementally bigger than I expected, giving me even more confidence.

This feature naturally increased my launch angle and forgiveness for my poor contact strikes.

If you want to stay on budget while knowing you’re making a lasting, premium-quality, forgiving iron investment, the Takomo 201s are a perfect pick.

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Best for Distance

Wilson Dynapower Irons

Wilson Dynapower irons

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers who could use a boost in speed and distance
  • Players that benefit from higher launch and 1-2 clubs more length
  • Average ball strikers

Who Should Not Buy

  • Golfers who like thinner iron head shapes


When I say the Wilson Dynapower irons are the longest iron set I’ve ever tested, I don’t mean by only a few yards.

These irons were 1 ½ to 2 clubs longer than my traditional set, and I finally caught a glimpse of what pros experience daily.

Yes, they’re chunky, and yes, they offer a more “game improvement” iron look, but my hesitancy around their appearance quickly vanished after I pounded shot after shot dead-straight at my target.

The Dynapower irons were created using A.I. and feature three ‘Power Holes’ on the club’s sole (similar to the TaylorMade P790s).

These elements combine to create a sweet spot that expands across the heel and toe, and my common miss (a toe ball) experienced the same speed, launch, and consistent flight as solid strikes.

If you want pure, straight, forgiving distance, look no further than the Wilson Dynapower set.

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Titleist T350 Irons

Titleist T350

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers wanting a premium forgiving set of irons
  • Players willing to invest in superior craftsmanship and quality
  • Those wanting a ‘Player’s Look’ and added forgiveness

Who Should Not Buy

  • Players on a strict budget


The Titleist T350 irons are my runner-up pick to the Top 3 only due to their moderately premium price point (to be expected with Titleist).

Titleist calls them “High, far, and forgiving,” and my testing concluded exactly the same results.

I immediately noticed a 20-30 foot ball flight increase, leading to 5+ more yards per club and even more stopping power than I was used to.

While I’m not searching for more distance, being able to reach different areas of the course with the same effort is a wonderful feeling.

Personally, I’d argue they’re the prettiest forgiving irons on the market, but I know every golfer’s taste is different.

If you’re after a premium set of forgiving irons backed by arguably the best club-making reputation in the equipment market, the Titleist T350s are a great choice.

Editor's Choice

Srixon ZX4 Irons

Srixon ZX4 irons

Who Should Buy

  • Golfers wanting a smaller iron head with ample forgiveness
  • Players keen on beautiful clubs
  • Golfers who love cutting-edge golf equipment technology

Who Should Not Buy

  • Golfers who require a larger club head to feel confident


As our list’s final pick, I thought nothing could be better than the game-improvement technology-packed Srixon ZX4s.

When I first held the ZX4s I thought to myself, “These are the Srixons meant for mid to higher handicaps?”

They’re thin, particularly compared to other forgiveness-focused irons on the market. Still, I immediately noticed their V-shaped sole cuts through all the turf types (rough or fairway) like butter.

On top of that, this highly forgiving sole shape made my common “toe-ball” miss stay straighter to my intended target, meaning my bad ball-striking days weren’t punished.

If your ball-striking could use some help and you’ve got exceptional taste in golf iron aesthetics, the Srixon ZX4s are a fantastic choice at a solid price.

What To Consider When Buying

If you are still trying to decide what to look for when finding the best forgiving irons for your golf game, this is the section for you.

Where Could Your Iron Game Most Improve?

I break down good iron play into 3 categories: Contact Quality, Contact Consistency, and Ball Flight Control.

No forgiving irons will automatically create quality center sweet spot contact, but every set of forgiving irons on our list can dramatically influence your contact consistency and ball flight control.

If you struggle with a consistent miss, the TaylorMade P790s, Wilson Dynapowers, and Srixon ZX4s will help that common miss go straighter toward your target.

If you struggle with ball flight control, the Takomo 201s and Titleist T350s are optimized to provide consistent, reliable ball flights.

What Iron Style Suits Your Eye?

After playing golf for exponentially longer than I haven’t in my lifetime, I can confidently say if I am not “feeling” the look of the equipment, 99% of the time, I will not play well with it.

Internal Confidence is a serious factor in most players’ performance, so ensuring you love the look of whatever irons you choose should be a factor you consider strongly!

Professional Fitting or Buy Direct?

A professional club fitting will help you perform better, regardless of your skill level.

That said, it’s unwise to schedule a professional fitting until your golf swing is consistent and provides dependable results (even if they aren’t as good as you want).

If your swing is still changing and evolving, a fitting could do more harm than good in the long term.

What's Your Budget?

Golf developed its “rich man’s game” stereotype when golf clubs all cost considerable money.

In today’s equipment world, there are ten times the number of club makers, all at various price points, so regardless of your budget, you can likely find a great selection for your game.

The Takomo 201s and Srixon ZX4s are our list’s most affordable options!

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