Motocaddy Dry-Series Cart Bag Review

A Cart Bag With Some Very Special Features

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Motocaddy Dry-Series Cart Bag-min

I have used the Motocaddy Dry-Series Cart Bag for 7 rounds split between a riding cart and the Motocaddy M7 Remote Cart.

While Motocaddy isn’t a household golf bag brand, they’ve created a great bag.  This is my review of what makes the Motocaddy Dry-Series Bag a real winner.

Motocaddy Dry-Series Cart Bag-min
Motocaddy Dry-Series Cart Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Motocaddy brings their golf bags and carts to the US with full force and great features.

  • ✅  Pros: Waterproof, lightweight, large pockets, easy zippers, diamond top 14 full length dividers, EASILOCK anti-twist base.

  • ⛔  Cons: Only one base fabric color.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Motocaddy makes an outstanding bag that pairs perfectly with their M7 cart or works very well on a regular riding cart.


The golf bag industry is dominated by a few brands.  There are a few golf bag brands and then most OEMs have their own logo’d bags.  This isn’t exactly the easiest market to break into, but if you make an outstanding remote walking cart (Coming Soon) and you make a bag to pair with it; you have a winning combo.  The Motocaddy Dry-Series Bag is specifically designed for their carts, but even if you don’t use one of their carts, it is a really good cart bag with some special features.

The Motocaddy Dry-Series Cart bag has a name that gives you a hint at one of its main features; dry.   It is a waterproof bag that will keep your clubs dry on those wet rainy days.  While here in AZ we don’t have a ton of those, the pop-up monsoon rain storm that quickly downpours and then moves on can really make a mess of a normal bag.  While most things in a golf bag can get wet and eventually dry out, it is much better when everything stays dry during your round of golf, especially if you keep on playing.  You can take a hose to this bag and it repels water!  It keeps your clubs and everything else you have in your bag dry. We ranked this bag as one of the 8 best golf cart bags in 2022!

The Motocaddy Dry-Series Bag comes in 4 trim colors with them all having the base graphite color.  The top configuration is one of the features that makes this bag shine.  The diamond pattern of the 14 full-length dividers works great on the Motocaddy M7 cart since the clubs slide into the slot and “lock-in” to reduce bag chatter.  They still slide in and out of each compartment easily.  There is a larger slot for your putter.  The handle on the top is great for lifting, moving and grabbing the bag.  The hidden pocket handle on the bottom works great for lifting and retrieving your bag from the trunk.  The shoulder strap allows for easy carrying, yet tucks into the back while on a cart.

The Motocaddy Dry-Series bag has well appointed pockets.  The 3 down the spine are very large, and easy to access.  The other 4 pockets (2 on each side) serve as valuables pouches and large full length pockets for shoes, apparel or whatever else you want to throw in there.  The zippers to all the pockets have really nice pulls and move very smoothly, even with just 1 finger.  The lowest pocket is also insulated for keeping a few beverages cold during your round.  This is vital for having enough water during the hot summer rounds in AZ.
The Motocaddy Dry-Series Bag has one specialty feature that pairs with the Motocaddy M7 Remote Cart.  It has EASILOCK anti-twist base which is a molded slot with a couple metal pins to secure the bag to the Motocaddy M7 cart or any of the other Motocaddy Carts.  This is a great feature which also doesn’t interfere with its function on a riding cart or even another push cart brand.


The Motocaddy Dry-Series Bag is outstanding top to bottom.  If you live/golf in a wet climate this bag is a game changer. If you live in a dry climate, you might not need the waterproofing, but it will come in handy when that surprise storm does pop up.  The pairing of waterproof and features is what really makes this bag outstanding.  I’m a huge fan of the top configuration; it works very well for holding clubs in place yet allowing them easy in and out of the bag.  The pockets are well placed, large, easy to open and close, and hold plenty of gear.  This bag is the perfect pairing with the MotoCaddy M7 cart.

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