REVIEW: Mullybox Subscription Service

iGC takes a Mulligan with Their Subscription Service
There is nothing wrong with taking a mulligan every once and while.  We all need to get something in play.  We feel especially entitled to one on the first tee.  Just starting out can be hard.  iGC learned that they needed a little rebranding to get their product recognizable and into the hands of avid golfers.  iGC is now Mullybox.  They offer many of the great subscription products they did before, but now with some addition products and better value.
Mullybox is the same company as iGC, they just changed what they include in the box.  The big change is more gear in the box for an additional monthly fee.  Instead of a $19.95 price point, they are now $29.95.   You will get still get 6 golf balls, and bag of tees and then 3 accessories of their choosing.  It is like getting a golf Christmas present in the mail every month.  It appears that they will include “themed” accessories for certain parts of your game.

My Mullybox included:
6 iGC Golf Balls | $22
ARCCOS Driver Sensor | $49.99
Frog Togg Towel | $12.99
Collector Ballmarker | $5
ECO Tees | $5
Total Retail Value: $102.98
You Pay: $29
Savings: 72%

You have to decide if this is good value for you.  On paper it is a good buy, but value really is tied to your usage of what is in the box.  I will say the iGC golf balls are really good, you will see that on their card (below).  You’ll be happy with those in play.  6 might not last you very long, but as a low cost ProV1 alternative, its not too bad of a value.  The ARCCOS driver sensor is a good value too, but they are being given away with lots of products so you could already have one.  The Frog Togg towel is really nice, especially here in AZ.

iGC took a mulligan on their first subscription service and now hit Mullybox into the fairway.  If you like the idea of having some golf gear shipped to your door each month, Mullybox is a slightly higher priced option that will net you some quality gear.  Hopefully each month the pick gear that is exactly what you are looking for.  

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Quick Hits:
+Nice iGC golf balls
+Solid value
+Quick delivery
+Easy subscription