Review: My Golf Club Label

No clubs were lost in the testing of this product
There is nothing more frustrating than losing a club on the golf course.  It is usually a wedge that get’s left behind near the green in the rough.  You bring a couple of clubs up to the green to chip the ball on and then putt out, leaving them behind.  Sometimes they get turned in, sometimes they don’t.
Maybe you played golf on a cart path only day.  Your not exactly sure where you ball is, or what distance you will be playing the shot from so you take a handful of clubs just in case.  After either a really good shot or a really bad shot, your mind might not be focused on the fact that you took some other clubs.
No matter when or where we’ve left those clubs behind, we’ve all had that panicked feeling wondering where they are and if they might still be there.  Once and a while you get lucky, but sometimes you don’t.

One way to increase your luck is be having My Golf Club Labels on your sticks.  These nice foil labels can be customized with your name, phone number, email, twitter, or whatever else you might want to put on the 4 lines of information.  They look like professional shaft labels and are really easy to install.

Honestly, in the last 7 years of golfing (500+ rounds), I’ve left a club behind 1 time.  So I wasn’t maybe the best candidate to try these out.  But I decided I would do a little experiment to see how people responded to the labels.  My first test was at a local high-end course.  On the 3rd hole I left a wedge behind right near the green.  At the end of 18 holes I asked if anyone had turned it in at the pro shop.  Nothing.  Even after lunch, still no wedge.  I was a little bummed that the label didn’t work.  But upon returning to the course a couple days later the pro shop was happy to hand me my wedge.

My second experiment went better.  This time the group behind me, used their carts to catch up and hand me my club.  They noticed the logo on the shaft label and the logo on my staff bag. 

My third try leaving the club behind went well too.  This time the group dropped it off at the pro shop at the turn, and there it was at the end of my round.

I am happy to announce that each experiment resulted in my club being returned to me.

The only part I was disappointed in was the fact that my phone number is on the shaft label, and not once did the pro shop or finder give me a call.  It is my cell-phone number so I was ready to go, even on the course.  Many golfers have their phones with them so it would have been an easy call, or at least the pro shop could have taken the 5 seconds to leave me a message.  Maybe if my name was Kevin Streelman (who endorses these) then they would have called me.

Does the shaft label gaurantee that your clubs will be returned to you? Nope.  It still relies on honest golfers either turning the club in or taking the time to look at the label and let you know.  But at least your odds go up if you have them clearly labeled.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+High quality label
+4 lines of information
+Increased odds of having your club returned

–Relies on honest golfers behind you.